How to wrap a Sari - in Traditional

How many of you still go to your moms house before an Indian party to get dressed? Saris are elegant and flattering but so confusing to put on.  Below is a step by step guide. With some practice, you will become a sari wearing expert in no time.
 Petticoat (Long skirt with drawstring)
 3-5 safety pins

1. It is important to wear the shoes you plan to wear to the party, before putting on your sari

2. Put on your blouse and petticoat and tie the drawstring tightly under your belly button. You want your petticoat to be the same tone as your sari

3. Your sari will have a plan end and a fancy end (pallu). Start with the plain end and tuck it into the right hand side of your belly button.

4. Continue to tuck the edge of the sari into the petticoat for one full counter clockwise circle( right to left), ending at the right side of your belly button.

5. Make sure the decorative part of the sari is facing outwards and the hem is touching the floor.

6. Take the decorated end of your sari (pallu) and circle it around your body once, bringing it back to the front and placing it over your left shoulder. The pallu should land at the back of the knee joint.

7. Take the remaining material closest to your body and make 5-7, 5 inch pleats. Tuck this into your petticoat towards the left side of your belly button.

8. Use the safety pin to secure your sari. I like to put one on the shoulder, one to secure the pleat and petticoat and to secure the pleated section before tucking it into the petticoat.

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