Decorations for Happiness Women

Although Srila Prabhupada did not approve when his student addicted to ornament their body, yet he did not deny their feminine nature and innate desire to dress well. Even Sati, the wife of Lord Shiva sublime, exhibited such qualities.

Although the advanced devotees, both men and women, not particularly care about the decoration of the body, but for a woman to dress well is a duty to satisfy her husband. Srila Prabhupada wrote that female householder should dress in beautiful saris, he sometimes even chastised her students if they look very unattractive.

"Among you there are no men with earrings, but in the old days, one can see from the pictures that the great kings wore earrings . Have you seen? Yes. This prosperity. On the Maharaja of Jaipur pictures - big beautiful earrings. Jewellery, great decoration. When Krishna went to graze cows, it was so much jewelery ..
This wealth. When I was little, that in our society the woman was ashamed to go to the people, if it was not enough jewelry, "Oh, the others will think that I am so poor. I'm not going anywhere. " So I was very surprised when I came to your country.

I have seen young girls. And they were not bracelets, jewelry was not. I was amazed. And they smoked (laughter). What kind of prosperity? Do you understand? I have heard that they are rich. They have this innate desire, but they do not. Those who are very rich, they wear jewelry. Every woman and girl is inspired by good decoration, good clothes on. But they did not get. Therefore, they are not satisfied.

The Manu Samhita is recommended that if you want to wife was satisfied enough to give her ornaments. "(Srila Prabhupada) from the book Bhakti Vikash Swami" Vayshshavsky Etiquette ". The theme of "woman's appearance."

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