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Monday, December 14, 2015

25 Responsibilities of Women

25 responsibilities of women: 
1. Create family
2. Keep the family
3. Make a man
4. Organize all the household chores
5. Perform all the household chores
6. Be faithful men and the body, and deed, and thought
7. Become best friend Men
8. To be beautiful and sexy for her man
9. Inspire man
10. Eat sweet foods
11. Wearing jewelry
12. Enjoy the beautiful clothes
13. Wear long skirts
14. Always feel the closeness of the man she loved - not to move away
15. Dear men
16. Appreciate and praise the man
17. Cheering man
18. Subordinate to men
19. To be able to manage their emotions
20. Having endurance - patience
21. Talking in a low and gentle voice,
22. Be sensitive
23. To participate in the upbringing of children
24. To serve man - to do with love
25. Do not perform the duties of men - Vedic Culture

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