Why Hindu temples have four entrances?

Why hindu temples have four entrances?
All ancient hindu temples have four ways or four entrances. This is not simply a construction.These four ways of a temple represents the four ways through which a person can attain mukthi or moksha. Moksha is one of the basic themes of Hindu philosophy. In hinduism there are four yogas (disciplines) or margas (paths) for the attainment of Moksha.

They are:
        Karma Yoga-  working for the Supreme
        Gyana Yoga-  realizing the Supreme
        Raja Yoga-   meditating on the Supreme
        Bhakti Yoga-   serving the Supreme in loving devotion.

Hinduism was complete in a multidimensional way. Mukthi can be attained from many, many directions, and that is significant. One-dimensional wholeness is not going to have much meaning in the future. For the man of the future, multidimensional wholeness will have tremendous significance. Hinduism made it possible for every kind of seeker to attain to the supreme from any direction that comes naturally to him. In this sense hinduism is multi-dimensional, not only for hindus but for others too.


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