Scariest FALSE of this world

The worst lies of this world, which has ruined the life of countless people, lie, which we endlessly inspire posters and commercials, movies and bad novels, loud politics and pop singers - a childish idea of that material enjoyment is the purpose of life and are able to make us happy. Everybody here wants happiness, that's fine. 

The trouble is that we are looking for happiness where it is not. We spend our lives in the pursuit of the illusion of happiness, trying to fulfill all kinds of desires (for the most part inspired us from the outside).

The Vedas compare a course of action with attempts to thirsty people on a boat in the middle of the ocean to quench the thirst of salt sea water. Seawater only inflames thirst. As long as our desires are not fulfilled, we still hope that sometime in the future we will have promised us happiness, but when our desire finally fulfilled, we invariably feel befell the once Ostap Bender sense in which often afraid to admit: "Fulfilling a dream idiot!" But, recovering after some disappointments and still feeling inside unremitting thirst for happiness, we set a new goal, and with perseverance worthy of a better, strive to achieve it.

The source of happiness and joy is inside and more often than is necessary for him to act contrary finding clues dictated to us the so-called common sense. Joy and happiness come to the one who is capable of self-sacrifice, it is the love (for what is love without sacrifice?), Who uncompromisingly seek the truth, willing to sacrifice short-term and pleasures for the sake of gaining the highest good.

By: E.S.Bhakti Vijnana Goswami

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