Krishna and Meera

Scripture of love:
Meera is a launching place for pilgrimage. Her scripture is the scripture of love. Perhaps calling it scripture is not right.Meera herself IS devotion. We won’t find systematic argument. Fixed logic is not found there.

Listen to Meera  intellectually:
Meera has nothing to do with logic and intellect. Listen to Meera with feeling, with devotion.  Push aside logic, leave it to crawl along the bank. For a little while, let yourself go completely mad with Meera. This is the world of the mad. This is the world of lovers. Only then can you understand, otherwise you will miss.

Meera-one of the GOPIS:
The story goes back. Meera’s love for Krishna did not begin with Meera. This Meera is one of the GOPIS– devotees who was with Krishna. Meera herself has declared it, but the scholars can’t accept it, as there is no historical proof for it.It is pointless whether it is history or not.

Meera herself says it, the matter is finished. The question does not arise of someone else raising further doubts about it. And those who raise doubts like this, they won’t ever be able to understand Meera.

A lovely episode:
When Meera arrived at Vrindavan’s most famous temple, an attempt was made to stop her at the door, because entry to the temple was forbidden to women. The high priest of the temple had never seen women. Meera was a woman, so arrangements were made to stop her. But those people who were standing by the door to stop her, they were struck dumb.They forgot they were meant to stop her until Meera had entered inside.The breeze was as one wave – it went right in and reached the inner sanctum. The priest freaked out. He had been worshipping Krishna; the tray fell from his hands.

Women were not admitted to that temple.This drunken woman, this ecstatic Meera came, came as a wave – they too forgot for a moment, forgot completely what their job was. It was a thunderbolt. Once the EKTARA was playing inside and the crowd had gone in, then they became alert to what had happened. But the pundit did not plunge in.

Meera came dancing in front of Krishna, but the pundit was not immersed. He said, ”Hey woman, do you understand that women are not permitted in this temple?

No other man existed:
”Meera listened. Meera spoke, ”I had thought that besides Krishna no other man existed. Are you also a man? I had understood Krishna was the only man and the rest of the world were his beloveds, that all were celebrating with him. So you, too, are a man? I hadn’t thought that there were two. So you are in competition?”

He was shaken. The pundit didn’t understand how to answer now. Scholars have answers to fixed questions, but this question had never been raised before. No one had asked it before Meera, no one had ever asked, ”Does there exist some other man? I have never heard of this. You are saying very strange things. Where did you get such arrogance? Krishna is the one man, the rest are all his beloveds.”

It must be so:
Meera has dissolved Krishna so deeply into herself, then Krishna
too has a responsibility.Love with care and understanding. Make your friendships with awareness. Because this friendshipis no ordinary matter. Meera’s friendship was with Krishna, and if finally she merged into his image then to me this seems to be completely right. It must be so. It is just so.

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