Why Do We Put Turmeric paste (Haldi) Before Marriage?


The Haldi (Turmeric paste ), one of the oldest and most commonly followed rituals during weddings. The Science behind this is felt by the bride and seen by all.

This ritual was followed even before the beauty salons and the commercial facials and it is a beautifying session for the bride. This is done by the friends and family on the bride-to-be to purify her (anti-septic properties) and make her look beautiful for the wedding ceremony.

In the early times, there were no beauty salons and parlors and commercial facials, and back then, this traditional method was a boon which helped the bride bloom up like a beautiful flower for this auspicious day of her life. Haldi ceremony is a much awaited one because it is the most charming out of all the marriage customs. The bride-to-be is not allowed to leave the house until the wedding once the haldi is applied, to prevent the evil spirits from affecting the bride and her wedding.

All the women of the family participate in this ritual and apply haldi on the bride-to-be to purify her. Songs are sung in the backdrop while the ritual is in action. Traditionally, after the ceremony is done, the bride is washed off by her own family members.

Haldi rasam holds a very special place and it has many reasons of importance such as –

1. For the purpose of beautification
2. Significance of turmeric as an antiseptic
3. To keep the evil eye away
4. Auspiciousness of the color yellow
5. For the purification of body
6. Turmeric as a good omen
7. Blesses the couple with fortune and prosperity

The haldi paste is prepared from turmeric, rose water, and sandalwood powder. The paste has a strong and refreshing odour. It is applied on the bride’s face, neck, hands and feet. While this ceremony, the bride-to-be wears very light and basic makeup because the face is ultimately going to get covered by turmeric. Her dressing includes good Indian clothes that can take a beating and light jewelry. Whatever else, her eyes are going to shine the best!

There is this little nervousness faced by the bride before getting married because she is going to enter another stage of her life which is going to be way different. She is going to have responsibilities that she never had and she is going to share her life with someone else and all of these reasons lead to a little anxiety. The remedy is an antioxidant present in turmeric (cur cumin), that works as a mild anti-depressant. Haldi is also known to boost immunity.

Once the haldi is washed off, the bride looks radiant and stands out in the crowd. It is believed that the yellow color alleviates and clears the skin of any blemishes and brings a natural shine to the face.

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