Scientific Singnificance of Toe Ring in Vedic Tradition

Toe rings have been an integral part of the Indian culture since the times of Ramayana. These have been adorned for centuries by Indian women and have always held a significant symbolism in our culture. It is an accessory full of ethnicity and delicacy. Toe rings are usually made up of silver and are worn in pairs on the second toe of both the feet.  Toe rings are specially a denotation of marital status of a woman. This custom of wearing toe rings is under great practice in the Indian tradition and holds a tremendous significance in the society.

Toe rings are preferably made up of silver and not gold. The reason behind this is that gold has acquired a respectable position and is, by choice and importance, worn not under the waist. Gold is the portrayal of the Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi and consequently, a lot of respect is paid to it!

Apart from the historic and traditional weightiness, the toe ring has scientific significances too. These are mentioned below and are certainly believed to be actually true and existent.
  • Toe ring creates a pressure on certain nerves that have a direct linkage with the reproductive system, keeping it balanced and healthy.
  • There is an Indian belief that the life force must be in certain balance for you to remain in good health. All the paths of your life force run down to your toes and thus the toe ring extends its importance by being a reproductive enhancer.
  • Wearing toe rings in both the feet makes the menstrual cycle course regular and with even intervals.
  • A particular nerve in the second toe, where the toe ring is worn, is directly connected to the uteruses and also passes through heart. Due to this, a constant friction is continuously caused while walking and this revitalizes the organ productivity.
  • Silver is known to be a good conductor; it absorbs energies from the earth and passes it on to the body, thus refreshing the complete body system and processes.
  • Toe rings help women maintain their fertility and reproductive health.
  • Ayurveda says that having a metal on your body is good and helpful as it brings optimism.
This completely proves that Indian customs and traditions are not only magnificent, unique and full of authenticity but also scientifically important and considerable. Every ritual or custom is both beautifying and healthy. And nothing can be more desirable than this.

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