12 types Kaal Sarp ( Dosh )

According to Hindu Astrology, Full Kaal Sarp Dosh or Yoga is formed when all the seven planets locates between Rahu and Ketu, ( North and South node of the Moon) and these all are at one side of Rahu and Ketu.

At the same time any of the planet placed on the either side of this Axis a partial Kaal Sarp dosh is happens which gives  less intensity.

Depending upon the placement of Rahu and Ketu, there are 12 types of Kaal Sarpdosh in  Hindu Astrology Horoscope. They are as follows with their placement and effects.

Name of  Kaal Sarp Dosh( Yog )Placement of Rahu /KetuEffects
Anant Kalsarp YogRahu placed in the 1stHouse Ketu in the 7th house Give extra financial benefits.Bad effects on marital life. Delay in getting married. Have to suffer from anxiety and inferiority complex.
Kulik Kalsarp YogWhen Rahu in the 2ndhouse  Ketu in the 8thhouseBad for health, chances of losses, meeting   accidents.Reduces financial prosperity and leads to unstable financial states.
Vasuki Kalsarp YogRahu in the 3rdhouse. Ketu the 9th houseHave to face problems relating to profession or business.Health problems like blood pressure, sudden death. Financial Losses due to relatives
Shankpal Kalsarp YogRahu occupy the 4th  house.Ketu the 10th houseHave to face problems in stress and anxiety leading life with hardship.Gets problem in workplace.Gives power and high political success and related gains
Padam Kalsarp YogRahu in the 5th house and Ketu the 12th  houseDifficulty in having descendants.Possibility of troubles with spirit.Chances of frustration by friends.Slow in Sickness healing
Mahapadam Kalsarp YogRahu is in the 6th houseKetu is in the 12th houseHave many enemiesProblems with of many general diseases.Power to award political success
Takshak Kalsarp YogRahu is in the 7th  house Ketu in the 1st  houseSpeculative tendency and can lose wealth by wasting on liquor, women and gambling. Marital dispute Life
Karkotak Kalsarp YogRahu occupies the 8th  House and Ketu the 2nd houseHaving short tempered and with many enemies.Attraction with the anti social elements. Looses inherited wealth.
Shankachood Kalsarp YogWhen Rahu in the 9thhouse and Ketu is in the 3rd houseMany ups and downs in life.Speak lies and favors anti religious activities.  Short tempered and contain high blood pressure  leads to anxiety. 
Ghatak Kalsarp YogRahu is in 10thhouse and ketu in the 4thhouseLitigation and punishment by law for immoral behavior.Capacity of giving the highest forms of political powers
Vishdhar Kalsarp YogRahu occupies the 11thhouse and Ketu the 5thhouseProblems from Children.  Disagreements in  between brothers. However these persons get peace in their latter half of life. 
Sheshnag Kalsarp YogRahu occupies the 12thhouse and Ketu the 6thhouseProblems related to litigation, defeat and bad luck.Health problems in the sensory organs. 

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