Navratri - Day 3 – Goddess Chandraghanta

Goddess Chandraghanta
Nine illustrious days of Navratri celebrations provides for worship and manifestation of each of the nine glorious avataars of Goddess NavDurga. Goddess Chandraghanta is the third form of the divine Goddess. She is worshipped with whole-hearted devotion on the third day of Navratri for eternal strength and everlasting happiness. Her image “Vigrah” is worshipped to gain peace and good fortune in life.

Her appearance is one submerged in divine halo of pure positive energy around her.  Her avataar is more heavenly goddess-like, with ten hands and three eyes, riding on a ferocious tiger. Tiger represents bravery and courage. Five of her hands bear various weapons like Gada, Sword, Bow and Arrow, Trident spear, Axe etc,  one hand holds a lotus, two hands remain in mudras  blessing one and all, one bears the “Kamandal” and one arm holds Rosary. She always looks prepared for a fight against evils like Danavas. Chandraghanta when translated means one with supreme bliss and knowledge.  She is seen as a removal of obstacles and harbinger of good. She also bears moon in a half-bell shape on her forehead.

As per a mythical legend, Devi Parvati was trying to woo Lord Shiva for marriage despite him vowing that he will not marry any woman. However Lord Shiva fell for Devi Parvati and agreed to marry her. When the auspicious day came, all the known kings were invited for marriage. Since Mahadev was leading a Sadhu life, he also invited his followers. This included not only Gods and Sages but also Ghosts, Aghori Sadhus, Goblins, Shivagans at the gate of King Himavans (Brides Father) Palace.  The Kings clan was about to go hysterical. This is when Devi Parvati reached Lord Shiva and transformed herself into a being with 10 hands, three eyes and riding on a tiger – Goddess Chandraghanta. Lord Shiva found this to be the most beautiful and graceful form of Devi Parvati.

Another legend states that Devi Kaushiki – daughter of Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati was incarnated Shakti to fight demons – Shumbh and Nishumbh. However Shumbh wanted Kaushiki to marry his brother Nishumbh. Hence he sent another demon Dhumralochan to bring her. Furious with the attack on her daughter Devi Parvati assumed the form of Devi Chandraghanta riding on ferocious tiger and swinging weapons with her 10 arms she defeated the Dhumralochan with his entire army.  During the war the loud ominous and screeching sounds of bells sent the demons to death. Hence this form of Devi NavDurga is also said to be different from earlier forms who can destroy all evil with one glance of her third eye when provoked.

Goddess Chandraghanta is destroyer of evil and foes and brings in better health, peace and prosperity to her devotees. It is said that worshipping her graces the devotee with divine spirituality.  It is also said that if the devotee hears the sound of divine bells in his ears he or she is said to have been blessed by Devi Chandraghanta.


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