Aagamas - Primary source and authority for yoga methods and instruction

The Agamas are the primary source and authority for yoga methods and instruction. The Shaiva
Agamas revere the Ultimate Reality as Shiva (Shaivas). The Vaishnava-Agamas (Pancharatra and Vaikhanasas Samhitas) adore the Ultimate Reality as Vishnu (Vaishnavas). The Shakta-Agamas (Tantras) venerate the Ultimate Reality as Shakti the consort of Shiva and Divine Mother of the universe (Shaktas). Each set of texts expands on the central theological and philosophical teachings of that denomination.

 Aagamas - Brief description
 Divines to whom 28 sivAgama shastras were revealed
 Number of shlokas in the 28 Agamas
 Upagamas of shivagamas
 Shivagama Tantra Yoga
 Agamas, The Sacred Texts Of Saivism
 Aaagama Acharyas - Writers and Sages of Aagamas

 1. Acharya - Tulasi Dasa

 2. Acharya - Shri Ramanujacharya

 3. Advaitha Philosophy by Shri Gaudapada

 4. Acharya - Shri Gaudapada


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