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Awadh Kishore Saran

Awadh Kishore Saran
Awadh Kishore Saran (1922-2003), who wrote under the name A. K. Saran, was an Indian scholar, editor, and writer and one of the most important voices in the Hindu world on traditional thought. A. K. Saran's writings often covered the expositors of traditional teachings and the perennial philosophy such as Frithjof Schuon, and particularly Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, whose writings Saran first encountered when he was ten. Saran's books include Hinduism in Contemporary India, Illuminations, On the Intellectual Vocation, On the Theories of Secularism and Modernization, Traditional Vision of Man, Traditional Thought, and Sociology of Knowledge and Traditional Thought. Much more biographical information on A.K. Saran can be found on his official web site (click here to go to the web site in a new tab or window).

A.K. Saran wrote two articles that appeared in Studies in Comparative Religion: The Crisis of Hinduism (Spring, 1971), and Gandhi’s Theory of Society and Our Times (Autumn, 1969).

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