Yati Panchakam - Written by Adi Sankaracharya

Yati Panchakam - Written by Adi Sankaracharya
Yati Panchakam is a work which speaks about as to how a Yati or a person who has realized the ultimate reality of Brahman and is completely detached to the world would behave in the world. Once a person realizes the ultimate reality of Brahman, then he has known what is to be known & therefore he doesn’t require anything else. Realized saints can be of two types from the perspective of an ignorant seeker: one who keeps on doing actions at the empirical level for the welfare of the world and two who isn’t bothered about activities or the world in itself. Sankara here is speaking about the second type of realized saints who aren’t bothered about what is happening in the world or the welfare of the world because for them there is nothing but Brahman alone exists.

Vedanta vaakyeshu sadaa ramanthah
Bhiksha anna maatrena cha thustimanthah
Vishokavanthah karunaika vanthah
Kaupinavanthah khalu bhaagyavanthah ||1||

Ever reveling in the dictums of Vedanta,
Fully satisfied with the food got by alms,
Free from grief and full of compassion for others,
Blessed indeed are those who are loin-clothed.

Moolam taroh kevalam aashrayanthah
Paani dvayam bhokthum amatrayanthah
Kanthaamiva sreemapi kutsayanthah
Kaupinavanthah khalu bhaagyavanthah ||2||

Resorting to the foot of the tree alone (for rest and sleep),
Using the two hands as a bowl for food,
Looking upon even wealth as a old cloth,
Blessed indeed are those who are loin-clothed.

Dehaadibhaavam parimaarjayanthah
Aatmaanam atmani avalokayanthah
Na antar na madhyam na bahih smaranthah
Kaupinavanthah khalu bhaagyavanthah ||3||

Staying away from the possession (attachment) of body,
Always remaining in the experience of seeing oneself as Brahman,
Not remembering anything inside, middle or outside,
Blessed indeed are those who are loin-clothed.

Svaanandabhaave parithustimanthah
Samshaantha sarvendriya dristimanthah
Aharnisham brahmani ye ramanthah
Kaupinavanthah khalu bhaagyavanthah ||4||

Joyously absorbed in the blessed state of the Self,
Stilling all the operations of the senses,
Day and night immersed in Brahman,
Blessed indeed are those who are loin-clothed.

Panchaaksharam paavanam uccharanthah
Patim pashoonaam hridhi bhaavayanthah
Bhikshaashana dikshu paribhramanthah
Kaupinavanthah khalu bhaagyavanthah ||5||

Muttering the sacred pancha akshara,
Meditating in the heart on the Lord of all beings,
Moving about in all directions at will begging alms,
Blessed indeed are those who are loin-clothed.

Upanishad says Brahma vid brahmaiva bhavathi or a person who knows Brahman becomes verily Brahman. A realized saint is ever immersed in contemplation of Brahman thereby he knows Brahman. Thus such a saint is verily Brahman alone. Brahman is full in all aspects and thereby blissful. Since Brahman is blissful, a realized saint who has known his nature of Brahman will also be blissful. Blessed indeed is such an ascetic who revels and ever rejoices in thought and bliss of Brahman.

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