Vaisnave Vijnapti Prayer to the Vaisnava (from Prarthana) - by Songs of Narottama Dasa Thakura


 Vaisnave Vijnapti
Prayer to the Vaisnava
(from Prarthana)

ei-baro karuna koro vaisnava gosai
patita-pavana toma bine keho nai

jahara nikate gele papa dure jay
emona doyala prabhu keba kotha pay

gangara parasa hoile pascate pavan
darsana pavitra koro--ei tomara gun

hari-sthane aparadhe tare hari-nam
toma sthane aparadhe nahi paritran

tomara hrdoye sada govinda-visram
govinda kohena--mora vaisnava paran

prati-janme kori asa caranera dhuli
narottame koro doya apanara boli'

(1) 0 Vaisnava Gosvami, please be merciful to me now. There is no one except you who can purify the fallen souls.

(2) Where does anyone find such a merciful personality by whose mere audience all sins go far away?

(3) After bathing in the waters of the sacred Ganges many times, one becomes purified, but just by the sight of you, the fallen souls are purified. This is your great power.

(4) The holy name delivers one who has committed an offense to Lord Hari, but if one commits an offense to you, there is no means of deliverance.

(5) Your heart is always the resting place of Lord Govinda, and Lord Govinda says, "The Vaisavas are in My heart."

(6) I desire the dust of your holy feet in every birth I may take. Please consider Narottama yours, and be kind upon him.

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