The Lotus feet of Lord Sri Krishna

Sri Krishnas Lotusfeet
The Lotusfeet of Lord Sri Krishna

padā śarat-padma-palāśa-rociṣā
nakha-dyubhir no ’ntar-aghaṁ vidhunvatā
pradarśaya svīyam apāsta-sādhvasaṁ
padaṁ guro mārga-gurus tamo-juṣām

"My dear Lord, Your two lotus feet are so beautiful that they appear like two blossoming petals of the lotus flower which grows during the autumn season. Indeed, the nails of Your lotus feet emanate such a great effulgence that they immediately dissipate all the darkness in the heart of a conditioned soul. My dear Lord, kindly show me that form of Yours which always dissipates all kinds of darkness in the heart of a devotee. My dear Lord, You are the supreme spiritual master of everyone; therefore all conditioned souls covered with the darkness of ignorance can be enlightened by You as the spiritual master."

“O Sri Krishna! Those lotus-feet of Yours destroy all the sins of the surrendered devotees. They run behind the cattle as they graze and they are the treasure-house of all beauty. You offer them to serpent Kâliya on the pretext of dancing! Please place them on our bosoms and rid us of the Kandarpa–fever”. (SB 10.31.7)

“O Beloved! Your lotus feet grant all the desires of the surrendered devotees. The creator Lord Brahma worships them and they are the ornaments of the Earth. Your lotus feet are the refuge in all troubles and are the abode of supreme bliss. Please place such lotus–feet on our bosom and rid us of the Kandarpa–fever”. (SB 10.31.13)

‘Gadhoddhat abhyam’ means, those lotus-feet are capable of cooling the Kandarpa-fever, and so they are tightly held by the Gopis suffering from the pangs of viraha. It may also mean that at the end of the nocturnal pastimes, the Gopis love to massage those lotus-feet in a mood of servitude mingled with the mood of camaraderie. Thus, the sweethearts badly want to experience the joy of touching His lotus-feet at this moment. Hence, Lilâshuk has described Sri Krishna’s lotus-feet in a very ras-full manner.

Where Sri Krishna’s lotus - feet are concerned, the devotees are like honeybees, always eager for the nectar. They are the eternal objects of worship and meditation for the devotees and a devotee’s only heartfelt desire is to obtain His lotus-feet. Thinking and meditating on those lotus-feet are the very means of destroying our inauspicious qualities, and to obtain them. Sri Krishna’s feet are decorated with various auspicious symbols such as the flag, thunderbolt, elephant driver’s hook etc. If we meditate on these symbols all obstacles on the path of our Bhajan will be destroyed.

Why Bala-Mukunda is sucking his own toe?

"Why do the best of the sages reject even heavenly nectar and instead drink the water from My lotus feet?" Thinking in this way, Bala-Mukunda eagerly sucks His own lotus foot.

Checking For Himself The Sweetness of His Own Toe, Wondering What Makes People Drink the Water Touched by It" (The Lord and His Maya)


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