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Sakhi-vrnde Vijnapti Prayer to the Sakhis - by Songs of Narottama Dasa Thakura

 Sakhi-vrnde Vijnapti 
Prayer to the Sakhis
(from Prarthana)

radha-krsna phrana mora jugala-kisora
jivane marane gati aro nahi mora

kalindira kule keli-kadambera vana
ratana-bedira upara bosabo du'jana

syama-gauri-ange dibo (cuwa) candanera gandha
camara dhulabo kabe heri mukha-candra

gathiya-malatir mala dibo dohara gale
adhare tuliya dibo karpura-tambule

lalita visakha-adi jata sakhi-brnda
ajnaya koribo seba caranaravinda

sri-krsna-caitanya-prabhur daser anudasa
seva abhilasa kore narottama-dasa

1) The divine couple, Sri Radha and Krsna, are my life and soul. In life or death I have no other refuge but Them.

2) In a forest of small kadamba trees on the bank of the Yamuna, I will seat the divine couple on a throne made of brilliant jewels.

3) I will anoint Their dark and fair forms with sandalwood paste scented with cuya, and I will fan Them with a camara whisk. Oh, when will I behold Their moon like faces?

4) After stringing together garlands at malati flowers I will place them around Their necks, and I will offer tambuta scented with camphor to Their lotus mouths.

5) With the permission of all the sakhis, headed by Lalita and Visakha, I will serve the lotus feet of Radha and Krsna.

6) Narottama Dasa, the servant of the servant of Sri Krsna Caitanya Prabhu, longs for this service to the divine couple.

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