Varaha Avatar (the Boar) - Lord Vishnu rescued the earth which had been submerged in the ocean

Varaha Avatar (the Boar)
Varaha Avatar (the Boar)
- Lord Vishnu's third appearance was in the form of a boar. This avatar of Lord Vishnu rescued the earth which had been submerged in the ocean. He lifted it out the ocean with his tusk. A new creation started after that. A demon by the name of Hiranyaksha had abducted the earth and carried it to the 'Rasatala' (the second lowest planetary system in the universe ).

The lord entered that lower plane of existence and rescued Bhumi ( Mother Earth ) from that filthy place. Demons generally live in a unclean way and this is another reason the Lord appears as a boar.

A demon Hiranyaksha, had prayed for Lord Brahma and got awarded a boon that no beast nor man nor god could kill him. But somehow from the list of beasts the name of boar was missing. This proved to be his lacunae. He then started a campaign of plunder across the worlds. He pushed the world to the Pataal loka, or the under of the sea. He stole the Vedas, the holy scriptures from the Lord Brahma, while he was asleep and performed huge atrocities.To retrieve the Vedas and to save the world the Lord Vishnu assumed the role of a boar and brought out the earth from the under of the ocean, using its two tusks. It then killed Hiranyaksha and retrieved the Vedas from the asura and brought it back to the safe custody of the Lord Brahma.

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