LORD VAYU - Brief description about the God of Hindu Triad

In Hinduism, Lord Vayu is the god of wind and belongs to celestial Trinity or Hindu Triad (Sun, Fire, and Air). Lord Vayu is also represent one of the five elements of Universe as: earth, air, water, fire, and space. Lord Vayu is believed to be the king of Gandharvas (spirits of the atmosphere/sky). Lord Vayu is attributing as a destructive god who has an immoderate character and often subject to aggressive desires which never attempt to repress. 

Lord Vayu is the father of Lord Hanuman and also the guardian of north-west direction. Lord Vayu also has many names which are as:'satata-ga' (ever moving), 'pavana' (wind), and 'gandha-vaha' (the perfume bearer). According to the Hindu mythology, lord Vayu is portray as blue in color and holding a fan, a flag in his two hands. He represents the Abhaya and Varada Mudras (the symbols signifying protection and granting of gifts) with the other two hands. Lord Vayu wander all over the earth, and heavens. Lord Vayu is also having loving and an inflammation nature.

Vayu is the god of, or personification of, wind, air or lifebreath (PraI) a). As the lord of
the sky (Antariksa) he shares his power with Indra. He rides in a chariot drawn by two, ninety-nine, hundred or even thousand horses, (the number perhaps, depends upon his wish to produce an ordinary wind current or a storm or a cyclone!) His chariot announces his arrival with terrific roars. However, he himself is invisible. Like Indra he is also fond of the Soma juice. It is he who is the basis of all life here. Inside our bodies he works as the five vital airs (Pancaprana).

Like Rudra, he is also a physician and can effect wonderful cures.

In mythology he is the ruler of the north-western quarter. He is described as blue in colour and as holding a fan and a flag in two hands, the other two hands showing the Abhaya and Varada Mudras (indicating protection and granting of gifts).


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