GOD SURYA - Brief description about GOD OF FIRE


Lord Surya (Sun) is regarded as a planet and also the ruler of all planets that rotate around them. Lord Surya is the son of Sage Kashyap and Aditi. All Hindus worship him with belief of Sun God and they pour water to Sun. Lord Surya is also known by various names as SavitarAdityaRavi, JagatChakshu (Eye of the World), and Aharpati (Lord of the Day). 

Lord Surya is known as 'Pranadata' or life-giver because sun's rays promote and raise life to all living beings. Lord Surya is known as the guardian of direction east. Worshipper of Lord Surya gets blesses with good health, fame, and prosperity. Sunday is the ruling day, red ruby is gemstone, and gold is the metal of lord Surya. The chariot (Vahana) of Lord Surya has only one wheel and pulled by seven horses related to the colors of rainbow. Aruna, the bother of Lord Garuda's, is the charioteer (Vahana) of Lord Surya.

Surya or the sun, often identified with Aditya, Savitr and Pusan, is another important Vedic deity. He is extremely brilliant and rides in an exquisitely beautiful chariot drawn by seven horses. He is compared to a bird that flies in the sky and is described as the jewel of the sky. He gives light, produces day and night, gives power and strength to the living beings, makes them active and destroys their laziness and disease.

Savitr is the aspect of the sun before sunrise. He is golden all over. He establishes people in their respective places. He gives life and energy and guides people in the right path. 
The famous Savitr. GayatrI Mantra is dedicated to this Savitr.

The nourishing and life-supporting aspect of the sun is personified and praised as Pusan. He is exceedingly beautiful. He destroys the evil ones with the discus he wears. He looks upon all with an equal eye. He is extremely generous and ever ready to protect.


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