Bharadvaja - Vedic Saint

Bharadwaja (Devanagari: भरद्वाज / भारद्वाज) is one of the greatest Hindu sages (Maharshi's), a descendant of rishi Angirasa, whose accomplishments are detailed in the Puranas. He is one of the Saptarshis (Seven Great Sages Rishi) in the present Manvantara; with others being Atri, Vashishtha, Vishvamitra, Gautama, Jamadagni, Kashyapa.
Bharadwaja Rishi was the father of Dronacharya and grandfather of Ashwatthama. Bharadwaja Maharshi, a sage of the Vedic period, is renowned for his thirst for knowledge. He attained extraordinary scholarship and the power of meditation.
Bharadwaj as Gotra means people who are the descendants of Rishi Bharadwaj. Rishi Bharadwaj was the son of sage Brihaspati. Sage Brihaspati was the son of Rishi Angiras. These 3 rishis are called the traya rishi of the Bharadwaj earlier days Sages were only Brahmins excepting Sage Vishwamitra. Also all the warrior brahmins became Kshatriyas later. Later all the business-minded Kshatriyas became vaishyas. Hence there are people of all the three communities having a common Gotra especially Bhardwaj Gotra. Guru Dronacharya was the son of sage Bharadwaj. All the descendants of Bharadwaj Gotra display warrior skills because sage Bharadwaj married a Kshatriya woman called Suseela. According to Anuloma marriage, the offsprings who are born to a brahmin father and a kshatriya woman take the characteristics of Kshatriya though technically being a Brahmin. Hence the brahmin descendants of Bharadwaj Gotra are referred to as Brahma-Kshatriyas (Warrior Brahmins). They are considered to have intelligence in Vedas and war

The ashram of Bhardwaj rishi still stands on the banks of river Ganges in Allahabad, India.

Bharadwaja in Ramayana
In Ramayana, Rama along with Sita and Lakshmana went on exile for the words of his father. Rama along with them went through many forest regions starting from crossing Yamuna river with help of Guha ,head clansman and a friend of Rama's father Dasaratha. As he travelled he visited many rishi's ashrams. Met many rishis and sages including Agasthiyar, Gauthama, and Bharadwaja. Rama and others rested in Bharadwaj's ashram and accepted his offerings.

In India, Bharadwaja is an ancestor of Brahmin People belonging to the Bharadwaja gotra. Bharadwaja who is the great-grandson of Lord Brahma is the root for his clan, Bharadwaja gotra.

  • Odisha: The Saraswati Bramhins in Odisha are of Bharadwaja Gotra
  • Kashmir: among Saraswat Brahmins who migrated to the Himalayas.
  • Himachal Pradesh: around 60% of Brahmins have Bharadwaja as their gotra.
  • Punjab: around 45% of Brahmins have Bharadwaja as their gotra.
  • Haryana: around 40%-45% of Brahmins have Bharadwaja as their gotra.
  • Rajasthan: around 35% of Rajasthani Brahmins have Bharadwaja as their gotra, Rigveda as Vedanta and kuldevta as Shri Lakshmi Narsimha or Shri Narasimha.
  • Maharashtra
  • Among Iyers and Iyengars In TamilNadu and nambudiri In Kerala.
  • Aruvela Niyogi brahmans in Andhra Pradesh
  • Vaidiki velanadi brahmans in Andhra Pradesh
  • Madhwa and Smartha brahmins in Karnataka.
  • Indian states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh: Bhumihar Brahmins have Bharadwaja as their Gotra.
  • Mauritius (Country)- Speaking language- Hindi, Bhojpuri, Magadhi


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