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Lord Shiva Temples of Kottayam District - Kerala

Mahadevar Temples of Kottayam Dt. Sri Mahadeva Temple - Ettumanur - (Earanur - Vaipputh thalam) The presiding deity is Lord Shiva ...

  • Mahadevar Temples of Kottayam Dt.
    • Sri Mahadeva Temple - Ettumanur - (Earanur - Vaipputh thalam) The presiding deity is Lord Shiva and the installation is a big Shiva Lingam. Ettumanoor Mahadeva Temple is one among the 108 Shivalayas created by Lord Parasurama and is located 13 km away from Kottayam town. Five poojas are performed a day, excepting Shivarathri day, when Eighteen poojas are offered.
    • Changanacherry - Aramala Siva Temple
    • Changanacherry - Town Siva Temple
    • Changanacheri - Chiravam Muttam Mahadevar Temple
    • Changanasseri - Thengana Sree Mahadevar Temple
    • Changanacherry Town - Tirumala Shiva Temple
    • Changanacherry Town - Perunna - Keezhkulangara Mahadeva Temple
    • Changanacheri - Sankarapuram Mahadeva Temple
    • Changanacheri - Kurichy - Thrikka - Shiva Temple
    • Erattupetta - Thidanadu Sree Siva Temple.
    • Kaduthuruthy Kailasapuram Sree Siva Temple.
    • Kaduthuruthy Mahadeva Temple; This Temple is one among the 108 Sivalayas created by Lord Parasurama. Kaduthuruthy is a famous pilgrim center of Kottayam District and is on the Kottayam - Vaikom road. Historical evidences reveal that Kaduthuruthy was the capital city of Vadakancore kingdom in AD 1754. Kaduthuruthy is about 25 km from Kottayam and 15 km from Vaikom. The nearest railhead is Ettumanoor Railway Station.
    • Kanjirappally - Thambalakkadu Mahadeva Temple.
    • Kanjirappalli - Pathanadu - Kangazha Mahadevar Temple
    • Kanjirappalli - Kangazha - Edayirikapuzha - UmaMaheswar Temple
    • Kanjirappalli - Kalaketty , Kottakkal Siva Temple
    • Kanjirappalli - Chirakkadavu Temple - Koovathazhe Sree Mahadevar Temple;
    • Kottayam (കോട്ടയം) - Mariyappally - Sree Mahadeva (Shiva-Parvathi) Temple. This temple situated 5 km away from Kottayam towards Changanacherry at Nattakam Panchayat. The deities shiva and vishnu.
    • Kottayam - Ayarkunnam Shiva Temple
    • Kottayam - Amayannoor Sree Mahadeva Temple; Sivalinga is Swayambu (self-origin). This Temple is located at Ayarkunnam village; along the Manarcad - Pala route, one kiometer north of Oravaikkal stop.
    • Kottayam - Thrikkayil Siva Temple
    • Kottayam - Nagampadam Sree Mahadeva Temple.
    • Kottayam - Kakkayam mahadeva temple
    • Kottayam - Manganam Thamarassery Mahadeva Temple.
    • Kottayam - Kunnathrikkayil Shiva Temple
    • Kottayam - Kudamaloor - Eraveeswaram (Iraveeswaram) Sree Mahadeva Temple.
    • koTTayam - arichi prambu shivAlayam
    • kOTTayam - haLikkunRam Alayam
    • Kottayam - Neendoor - Kairatha Purathappan (Lord Mahadeva) Temple, near Kurizhupalli kavala.
    • Kottayam - Andyalan Kavu (ANDYALAPPAN)
    • Kottayam - Thrikkothamangalam - Sree Mahadevar Temple.
    • Thirunakkara - Sri Mahadeva temple; This Temple is situated 1.5km away from Kottayam Railway Station. Right in the heart of the city of Kottayam. It is one of the 108 shiva temple in kottayam. Daily five poojas are performed. Flag post is gold and three festivals are celebrated; "Panguni" festival for ten days from 1st of Meenam; "Ani" festival for eight days in Midhunam; and "Aipasi" festival for six days during Thulam. This temple in the heart kOTTayam town; is this above 500 years old; and builted by the Thekkumkoor Maharaja; It is built in Kerala style architecture. The ‘koothambalam’ - traditional temple theater - is one of the best in Kerala. The paintings on the wall are commendable.
    • Kumaaranallur Sree Mahadeva Temple; 6km from Kottayam at Perumabikkad.
    • Chirakkadavu - Sri Mahadevar Temple; it is a very ancient temple about 1000 years old and the sivalinga is a "swayambu", which was found under a 'Bilwa Tree'. There are five poojas are performed daily in the temple; 3 kms south of Ponkunnam en route to Manimala and Erumely, The temple situated between the Kollam - Theni route of National Highway about 32 kms east of the Kottayam town.
    • Thalayazam - Trippakkudam (Thruppakkudam) Mahadevar, 4 miles from Vaikom.
    • Sri Mahadeva temple - Vaikom; The Vaikom Mahadevar temple is one of the most celebrated Shiva temples in South India and is one among the 108 Sivalayas created by Lord Parasurama.. Vaikom is located at a distance of 33km south of Ernakulam and 40 km north of Kottayam on the railroad between Ernakulam and Tiruvanandapuram. This temple is believed to be the second version of Kasi. The temple is an ideal example for architectural marval, a rare blend of Dravidian temple architecture. Vaikom - 23 miles from Alapuzha.
    • Areepparambu - Sree Mahadeva Temple; Two main deities facing east both "Siva" in South temple and north temple. In south temple sivalinga is swayambu (self-origin). The temple having three poojas daily; 8 days festival on Thiruvathira Aaraattu during month Dhanu. This temple situated half kilometer east of Oravackal in Kottayam - Palai route in Vijayapuram panchayath.
    • Palliyamburam - Sri Mahadeva Temple; This is one of the 108 Shiva temples of Kottayam dist. Daily three poojas are performed. The temple situated in one and half kilometer away to the Ramapuram; facing the Ramapuram - Koothattukulam road.
    • Puliyannoor Mahadeva Temple; This Temple is located at Puliyannoor near Pala. The temple is about 500 metres from the Ettumanoor - Poonjar state highway. Lord Shiva is the main deity worshipped here. The temple is well known as Cheruthil Valuthu Puliyannoor.
    • Thiruvayamkudi (Ayamkudi) - Sri Mahadeva Temple; sivalinga is swayambu (self-origin) in nature. Poojas are performed five times in a day. This temple is located in Aayamkudi, 3 kms away from Muttuchira on the Kaduthuruthi - Ettumanoor route in Kaduthuruthi panchayat.
    • Kuttakulam - Shiva Temple Vazhithala
    • Kuttakulam - Onam Kunnu Temble
    • Parippu - Sri Mahadeva Temple; This Temple is the 27th temple among the 108 Sivalayas. Daily three poojas are offered. This temple is situated at Parippu in Aymanam panchayat of Kottayam district (9 kilometers from Kottayam town). The main deity Lord Shiva faces east.
    • thangana
    • Chotti - Sri Mahadeva Temple; The temple having three poojas are performed daily. Eight days grand festival is celebrated starting with the flag hoisting before the 9 days of Sivaratri and the Aarattu is on the every previous day of Sivaratri. This temple located in between Kottayam - Kumaly route.
    • Puthuveli Mahadeva Temple.
    • Malloossery Thidamboor Mahadeva Temple.
    • Mallorkkara Mahadeva Temple.
    • Irumbayam Perumthattu Mahadeva Temple.
    • Velloor Mahadeva Temple.
    • Pirayar Shiva Kulangara Mahadeva Temple.
    • Payippadu Mahadeva Temple.
    • Thottakkattu Ambalakkavala Mahadeva Temple.
    • Vallakam Thuruvelikkunnu Mahadeva Temple.
    • Talanadu Njaneswaram (Gnaneswaram) Mahadeva Temple.
    • Manjadikkara Mahadeva Temple.
    • Vayppoor Mahadeva Temple.
    • Anikkadu Kizhakkidambu Mahadeva Temple.
    • Nattakam Shiva Parvathy Temple.
    • Palaveli Sree Virad Viswakarma Mahadeva Temple.
    • Kadannakkudy Mahadeva Temple.
    • Kizhathadiyoor Thrukkayil Sree Mahadeva Temple; Kizhathadiyoor Thrukkayil Mahadeva Temple is located at Chethimattam in Pala municipality near to Meenachil Taluk N.S.S Union office. This old temple is the biggest temple in Pala region having a copper covered circular Sreekovil.
    • Idamattam Pankappadu Mahadeva Temple.
    • Peringalam Mahadeva Temple.
    • Veliyannoor Perumattam Mahadeva Temple.
    • Cherppunkal Pullappally Mahadeva Temple.
    • Kuravilangadu Mahadeva Temple.
    • Dhruvapuram Mahadeva Temple.
    • Chembilavu Ponkunnaththu Sree Mahadevar Temple.
    • Kidangoor Uthameswaram Mahadeva Temple.
    • Perumanam, via Parvoor, Vaikkom
    • Vellur Ilankavu Sree Mahadeva Temple.
    • Thazhathangady Thaliyil - Sri Mahadevar Temple; Daily five poojas are performed. Ten days festival from 1st of Medam. This temple situated In Kottayam-Kumarakom route near Uppoottikavala stop in Thazhathangadi of Kottayam town. This temple was the capital temple of Thekkumkoor Maha Raja. There was a fort around the Temple and became famous in that name "Thaliakotta". There was a history that there was a cave from the pond of the temple.
    • Andoor Sree Mahadeva Temple.
    • Ethithanam (Ithithanam) Chiravammuttam Sreemahadeva Temple.
    • Eraveeswaram Mahadeva Temple
    • Elamakkudi Shiva Temple
    • Ullala Ohmkareshwara Temple
    • Kallara Chozhikkara Sree Mahadeva Temple.
    • Kalieshwaram Shiva Temple
    • Kunnathu shiva Temple
    • Kulashekaramangalam Umamaheswara Temple
    • Chakrakashalanapuram Rakhaveshwara Temple
    • Chembu Vakasheri Dharmaardhanareeshwara Temple
    • Thalikotta Sree Mahadeva Temple; 2km from kottayam.
    • Thrikkodithanam Mahadeva Temple
    • Pothy Thrikkarayikkulam Mahadevar Temple.
    • Thottakkattu Sree Shankaranarayana Temple
    • Trukkapaleeswaram Mahadeva Temple.
    • Parambam Thrukkayil (Thrikkovil) Sree Mahadeva Temple.
    • Puthuppalli Thrikovil Mahadeva Temple; 8 km from kottayam.
    • Poovarani Mahadeva Temple.
    • Parampuzha Peringalloor Mahadeva Temple.
    • Manarkadu Thrikoyil Mahadeva Temple
    • Malloorkulangara Shiva Temple
    • Yoghishwarathu Mahadeva Temple
    • Valavoor Mahadeva Temple.
    • Vazhappally Mahadeva Temple - vAzappalli - 1km west of MC Road, at Madhumoola; This Temple is one among the 108 Sivalayas. and is located at Mathumoola in Changanassery.
    • Sree Edanadu Endalayappaswami Temple (Mahadevan)
    • Sree Gowthamangalam Mahadeva Temple
    • Palai - Ennachira - Lakkattoor Shiva Parvathy Temple.
    • Palai - Sankaranarayana moorthi temple
    • Palai - Kooroppada village. Siva-parvathi temple
    • Palai - Kizhakkedathu Siva-parvathi temple
    • Palai - Lalam Sree Mahadeva Temple; This Temple is situated at the heart of Pala municipality. (just 150 meters from Pala Municipal private bus stand.) This temple is the oldest temple in Meenachil Taluk and was once the only temple in the 56 karas or villages of Meenachil. Lalam Mahadeva Temple is famous as Dakshina Kasi (Kasi of South). This temple is equivalent to Kasi Viswanatha Temple because of the presence of Lalam river (which flows towards east) and a cremation ground or Smasanam infront of the Temple.
    • Palai - Kadappattoor Sree Mahadeva Temple; This is a small beautiful village situated on the banks of the Meenachil River near Pala in Kottayam District. Devotees can reach this temple either through Kadappattoor bridge near Pala Kottaramattam Municipal Bus Stand or through Pala Catheedral Church - Kadappattor Temple road near to Pala Valiyapalam (town bridge).
    • Palai - Vezhanganam Sree Mahadeva Temple; Vezhanganam Mahadeva Temple is situated in Bharananganam Panchayath. It is located at a distance of 7 km from Pravithanam junction in Thodupuzha - Pala road and 9 km from Panaykkappalam junction in Pala - Erattupetta road.
    • Palai - Anthinadu Sree Mahadeva Temple.
    • Palai - Kavinpuram Temple, Ezhacherry
    • Uzhavoor Karunechi Mahadeva Temple.
    • Vaikam - Brahmamangalam Mahadeva Temple.
    • Vaikam - Erambathu parambu
    • Vaikam - Manjoor - Sreekandeshwaram Mahadeva Temple.
    • Vaikam - Vadakedathu Mahadevar Temple
    • Vaikam - Poochackal - Sreekandeswaram Mahadevar Temple
    • Vaikam - Kaduthuruthy - Thaliyil Mahadeva Temple
    • Vaikam - Gandharvangal Shiva Temple, 1 km from Kariyar
    • Vaikam - Kaduthuruthy - chanthamkunnu - Thrikayil Mahadevar

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