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Lord Shiva Temples of Alappuzha District - Kerala

Mahadevar Temples of Alappuzha Dt. Mannancherry Thrikovil Mahadeeva Temple is an very old Siva Temple of Alappuzha, this temple situa...

Mahadevar Temples of Alappuzha Dt.

  • Mannancherry Thrikovil Mahadeeva Temple is an very old Siva Temple of Alappuzha, this temple situates in Mannancherry 9kms north of Alappuzha. Two Shrines of Holy Siva Lingas are there, one is Swayambhoo Linga.
  • Alampuzha (Alappuzha) - vaTamUlar, umAdEvi
  • Alappuzha - Champakasserill temple
  • Alappuzha - Irattakkulangara Shiva Temple.
  • Alappuzha - Thondankulangara Shiva Temple.
  • Arukutti - Panangad - Siva Termple
  • Arukutti - Kumbalam Siva Temple
  • Arukutti - Aroor - Ammanezhath Siva Temple
  • Arukutti - Panavally - Nalppathenneswaram Mahadevar temple
  • Arukutti - kumbalam - shiva temple
  • Arukutti - Thrichattukulam Mahadevar Temple
  • ambalappuzha - chitambareshar, umAdevi
  • Chengannur - edanad siva temple (aratakandan kavu)
  • Chengannur - Manthuka Shiva Temple
  • Chengannur - Thrikkayil Shiva Temple, on the bank of river pampa
  • Chengannur Mahadeva Temple
  • Chengannur - Sri Mahadevar Temple; Flag hoisting is on Thiruvathira of month Dhanu and Aarattuon Thiruvaathira of month Makaram.
  • Erattakulangara - Sri Mahadeva Temple; temple having west face with pond, and three poojas are performed in daily. The temple situated half kilometer north from Ambalapuzha junction in Erattakulangara.
  • Thiruperumthura Mahadevar Temple; near Mavelikkara.
  • Puduppallli - Varnampalli Mahadevar, near kayamkulam.
  • EvUr - in between haripad and kayankulam
  • Mararikkulam - Sri Mahadeva Temple; 16 kms north of Alappuzha. It is a century old important temple. Mahashivarathri, Thiruvathira, Ashtami Rohini, Navarathri etc. are the major festivals in this famous temple.
  • Thirunagamkulangara - Sree Mahadeva Temple; This temple is situated in Vayalar, 4 Kms away from Cherthala. Eight days festivals is celebrated with an Aarattu which falls on the Thiruvathira star day during the month of Makharam.
  • Cherthala - Olavipe Mahadeva Temple.
  • Cherthala Thuravur Mahadeva.
  • Cherthala - Vellorvattom Sree Mahadeva Temple
  • Thannirmukkam - Thiruvizha Sri Mahadeva Temple; Swamy is swayamboo (self-origin). Poojas are offered five times along with three seevelies and thanthric rites. 10 days festival is celebrated with an Aaraattu which falls on the Thiruvathira star day during the month of Meenam. The temple is situated in Thekkummuri Panchayat, 1km east of Thiruvizha bus stop on the Cherthala - Alappuzha route.
  • Thannirmukkam - Shri Khandeswaram Temple.
  • Haripad - Komalatthu kulangara temple
  • Kayankulam - Kailasapuram Temple
  • Kayankulam - Pavumba Siva Temple
  • Kayankulam - Kannamangalam South Mahadevar Temple
  • Kayankulam - Karunagappally - kghandakarnan kavu
  • Kayankulam - Karunagappally - Pulikkadathu - thurayil pulikkamadam siva temple
  • Kayankulam - Karunagappally - thurayil pulikkamadam siva temple
  • Kayankulam - Mezhuvana Temple
  • Kayankulam - Mutheril Shiva Parvathy Temple
  • Kayankulam - Mutheriel Shiva Parvathi Temple
  • Kayankulam - Devikulangara - Edamarathusseril shiva temple
  • Kayankulam - Cheriyazheekal Shiva Temple
  • Kayankulam - Mahadevikad - Shiva Parvathy Temple
  • Krishnapuram
  • Kalarkode - Sri Mahadeva Temple; 5 kms south of alleppey. eastern side of NH
  • Thrikandiyoor - Sri Mahadeva temple; Three poojas are performed in daily and ten days of festival as "Aarattu" in Thiruvathira of month Dhanu. 2 kms from Mavelikara town.
  • Pattanakkad - Sri Mahadeva Temple; Eight days festival celebrated from the next day of Sivarathri of month Kumbham. The temple situated in near to the panjayathu bus stop if Ernakulam Cherthalai route.
  • Velorvattom - Sri Mahadeva Temple; the presiding deities are two Sivas. The two presiding deities are known as "Thekkanappan" and"Vadakkanappan". It is one of the 108 Sivalayas concecrated. There are two flag masts in the temple. Eight days festival celebrated in the Malayalam month of Kumbham. The temple situated at Cherthala, about 2 kms away from the bus stand.
  • Mavelikara - Neduvaramcode Temple (mUNAm kailasham)
  • Mavelikara - Eravankara - Aanadeswarathu Siva Temple
  • Mavelikara - Eravankara - Sree Mahadevar Temple
  • Mavelikara - Thazhakara - Uma Maheshwara Temple
  • Mavelikara - Kallumala
  • Mavelikara - Siva Temple
  • Mavelikara - Ayyakacheriyil Temple
  • Mavelikara - Kandiyoor Mahadeva Temple (just 1km west of Mavelikara town and 3 kms from Mavelikara railway station on the Kayamkulam -Thiruvalla State highway)
  • Mavelikara - Kurattikkad Siva Temple
  • Mavelikara - Alummood Siva Parvati Temple
  • Mavelikara - Pallippad - Thalikkal Mahadeva Temple
  • Mavelikara - Thalathotta Siva Temple
  • Mavelikara - Karichal - Padanilam Sastamuri Temple
  • Mavelikara - Pallippad - Thalikkal Mahadeva Temple
  • Mavelikara - Haripad Town - Komalatthu kulangara temple
  • Mavelikara - Thalathotta Siva Temple
  • Mavelikara - Kavarattu Siva Temple
  • Mavelikara - Valiya Muzhangal Temple. (Karuvatta)
  • Mavelikkara - Vettiyar Village - Kanthakalankavu Shiva temple, achenkoval river
  • Mavelikara - Chunakkara - Thiruvayiroor Mahadeva Temple
  • Mavelikara - Elanjimel Shiva Temple
  • Mavelikara - Panayannar Kavu Shiva Tample
  • Mavelikara - Thiruvarmangalam Shiva Temple
  • Mavelikara - Haripad Town - Sree Thalathotta Mahadeva Temple
  • Mavelikara - Parappel Shiva kshethram
  • Nooranadu Padanilam Parabrahma Temple; 10km from Adoor on Punaloor - Kayamkulam route.
  • Thenganal sivan temple.
  • Thrippakudam mahadevan - Haripad.
  • Thathampally - Lord Shiva Temple; 1km from Thondankulangara.
  • Thrukkuratty - mannar, 8 kms from thiruvalla south west on thiruvalla - mavelikkara road

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