Cow Urine Can Cure Many Diseases

The cow is a mobile medical dispensary. It is the treasure of medicines. Cow urine therapy is capable of curing many curable and incurable diseases. The holy texts, like Atharva Veda, Charaka Samhita, Rajni Ghuntu, Vridhabhagabhatt, Amritasagar, Bhavaprakash, Sushruta Samhita, etc., contain beautiful description about the medicinal benefits of cow urine. Cow Urine Treatment and Research Center, Indore has conducted a lot of research over the past few years and reached the conclusion that it is capable of curing diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, psoriasis, eczema, heart attack, blockage in arteries, fits, cancer, AIDS, piles, prostrate, arthritis, migraine, thyroid, ulcer, acidity, constipation, gynecological problems, ear and nose problems and several other diseases.

Cow Urine
The analysis of cow urine has shown that it contains nitrogen, sulphur, phosphate, sodium, Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, minerals, lactose, enzymes, creatinine, hormones and gold. A person falls ill when there is deficiency or excess of these substances inside the body. Cow urine contains all of these substances, which are naturally present in the human body. Therefore consumption of cow urine maintains the balance of these substances and this helps cure incurable diseases.
manganese, carbolic acid, iron, silicon, chlorine, magnesium, melci, citric, titric, succinic, calcium salts,

The Indian culture gives a special place to the cow. All the 330 million gods have cow as their prime temple (all devas reside in the cow). Deva means to give, the strength to give, the ability to give more and take the minimum. This is known as Devata. The cow takes very less from us and gives us more. Therefore the Indian people have shown this with the help of strict devotion and dedication. Thus the cow has a prominent place in Indian life and economy. Wealth, religion, enjoyment and salvation are accomplished with the service of the cow. The Indian farmer used to be known as king, or the giver of grains, due to the tradition developed in India thousands of years back. Our entire life is dependent on the cow.

The whole world takes the cow as their mother. The reason is that the birth-giving mother gives milk to its child only for one or two years, but the mother cow gives milk throughout its life, which is like nectar. A black cow is tied in the Shiva temple, and when we see the Shiva along with the black cow then we are able to overcome the malefic effects of planets in our natal horoscope. When we see the ankles of the cow we protect ourselves from sudden deaths. Circumambulating the cow is equivalent to visiting all of the holy places. As the peepal tree and Tulasi plant give oxygen, similarly the cow is the only animal that purifies the air. If one spoon of pure ghee is poured on burning cow dung (in homa) then they can produce one ton of pure air, therefore ghee made with cow milk is used in sacrificial fires and havans. There is no better method to remove pollution.

Cow milk, butter, ghee, and buttermilk are like nectar. The cow dung is not faeces, but a purifier. It helps produce the best quality grains, fruits, and vegetables when used as manure. Cow urine is a divine medicine and is a natural pesticide for crops. Pure ghee made with cow milk poured on burning cow cakes dung, produces a smoke that subsides the effect of poisonous gas. Cow urine contains copper, which is converted into gold inside the human body. It removes all toxicity. Drinking cow milk gives strength and increases the pure qualities in the human mind.

The horns and back hump of the cow are like two powerful pyramids. We receive the strengths of the stars and sun through the medium of cow dung, milk, curd, ghee, etc. The place where the cow is tied does not produce any vastu related ill effects. If there is any malefic effect of any planet, serving the cow with chapatti and jaggery calms down the malefic effect.

Gau Matha
The following are some of my personal experiences treating people with cow urine therapy. A person488 or 420 did not have the necessity to take insulin after the treatment of cow urine. In the same way AIDS, asthma, psoriasis, eczema, blood pressure, heart disease, prostate, piles, etc., also have been cured with this treatment.
was suffering from cancer and had been told that they would not survive for long; cow therapy was done on many such cases. Out of the many patients, who were suffering from cancer for the last 4 years, many are now leading healthy life. In the same way, a diabetes patient who was taking insulin and having a sugar level of

Premchand Rathore was suffering from asthma and isnophilia. He had palpitations and cough along with phlegm. He is now enjoying a healthy life after taking cow urine therapy. The cough and phlegm reduced. Mrs. Sharda Jalani was having varicose veins and dysmenorrhea. She used to have swollen nerves, pain, and swelling as soon as she used to stand up and it was very painful at the time of menses. She was advised to undergo operation for both of these problems. But she went for cow urine therapy and is now healthy. Omprakash Paul suffered a heart attack. He had high levels of cholesterol and chest pain. After taking cow urine therapy he is able to walk up to four kilometers, he does not get chest pain and his cholesterol level is also normal. Chandmal Gurjar suffered with cancer of the food pipe four years back, he could not take liquids also. Now he is able to eat and drink properly, he is healthy and working in the rice fields. There are thousands of people who have recovered from serious diseases after taking this therapy.

 Today many AIDS patients are taking cow urine therapy. People who were suffering with migraine and headaches for the past 15 years have recovered within six months of taking this therapy. In the past few years the Cow Urine Treatment and Research Center, Indore has treated 150,000 people. Out of the total patients 85 to 90 percent were also suffering from constipation. There is an old saying that if the stomach is clean half of the diseases get cured automatically. The patients taking cow urine therapy are able to enjoying sound heath within one month of this therapy.

Sushma Khurana had a thyroid complaint. Before taking this therapy her T3 level was 4, T4 was 15,
TSH was 0.2. After six months of this treatment, T4 was 9.97, TSH was 1.35 and today she is free of this problem. This therapy is also beneficial in the case of eczema, ringworm, itching and other skin problems. Old eczema patients have gained a lot from this therapy. Also school and college aged children can be free from the menace of pimples and acne with this simple therapy.

Krishna with gaumatha
Chemical composition of distilled cow urine:
Nitrogen (N2, NH2): Removes blood abnormalities and toxins, Natural stimulant of urinary track, activates kidneys and it is diuretic.
  • Sulfur (S): Supports motion in large intestines. Cleanses blood.
  • Ammonia (NH3): Stabilize bile, mucous, and air of body. Stabilizes blood formation.
  • Copper (Cu): Controls built up of unwanted fats. Iron (Fe): Maintains balance and helps in the production of red blood cells & hemoglobin. Stabilizes working power.
  • Urea CO(NH2)2: Affects urine formation and removal. Germicidal.
  • Uric Acid (C5H4N4O3): Removes heart swelling or inflammation. It is a diuretic, therefore, destroys toxins.
  • Phosphate (P): Helps in removing stones from the urinary tract.
  • Sodium (Na): Purifies blood. Antacid.
  • Potassium (K): Cures hereditary rheumatism. Increases appetite. Removes muscular weakness and laziness.
  • Manganese (Mn): Germicidal, stops the growth of germs, protects against decay due to gangrene.
  • Carbolic acid (HCOOH): Germicidal, stops the growth of germs and decay due to gangrene.
  • Calcium (Ca): Blood purifier, bone strengthener, germicidal.
  • Salt (NaCl): Decreases acidic contents of blood, germicidal.
  • Vitamins A, B, C, D, E: Vitamin B is the active ingredient for energetic life and saves from nervousness and thirst, strengthens bones and reproductive ingredients for energetic life, and saves from nervousness and thirst, strengthens bones and reproductive power.
  • Other Minerals: Increase immunity.
  • Lactose (C6H12O6): Gives satisfaction., strengthens heart, removes thirst and nervousness.
  • Enzymes: Make healthy digestive juices, increase immunity.
  • Water (H2O): It is a life-giver. Maintains fluidity of blood, maintains body temperature.
  • Hippuric acid (CgNgNox): Removes toxins through urine.
  • Creatinin (C4HgN2O2): Germicide.
  • Aurum Hydroxide (AuOH): It is germicidal and increases immunity power. AuOH is highly antibiotic and anti-toxic.

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