ANDHRA PRADESH: Mahabubnagar District Lord Shiva Temples List


  • Mahabubnagar Dt.
    • Bekkam - Bekkeshvara Swamy Aalayam; It lies near kohlapur; This small village lying on the bank of river Krishna, housing the Bekkeswaralayam has a long legend. Its origin is as fantastic as, its name; Bekku means "cat" according to Kannada language. In addition to this ancient seat of Siva, there is a group of five Sivaalayas going by the names of Siddheswara, Kapileswara, Someswara, Malleswara and Kaleswara at a distance of 15 kilometres. Later some devout bhaktas brought two Sivalingas from Banaras and installed in the same compound, but in separate shrines. They are called Moksheswara and Sakaheswara popularly.
    • eleshvaram - eleshvara swamy, kAtyAyani, submerged in nagarjuna sagar dam.
    • gOpAlapuram - agasthIshvara (near Kolhapur)
    • gOpAlapuram - bhairavaswamy (near Kolhapur)
    • gOpAlapuram - bhImeshvara (near Kolhapur)
    • gOpAlapuram - gangadhareshvara (near Kolhapur)
    • gOpAlapuram - jaTeshvara (near Kolhapur)
    • gOpAlapuram - kAleshvara (near Kolhapur)
    • gOpAlapuram - Malleshvara Swamy Aalayam; This temple treasure lies at Gopalapuram on the way to Pebberu from Kolhapur in the Mehaboobnagar district.
    • gOpAlapuram - rAmalinEshvara (near Kolhapur)
    • gOpAlapuram - sAmbashivEshvara (near Kolhapur)
    • gOpAlapuram - umA mahEshvara (near Kolhapur)
    • gOpAlapuram - vIrabhadra (near Kolhapur)
    • Gudlur - Uma Maheshwaram - Uma Maheswara Aalayam; This is called the northern portal of Srisailam, and the premier Saiva kshetra enshrining one of the twelve jyotirlingas according to the priest. It is a hill temple, built by Kalyana Chalukyas in the seventh century itself. It lies in the town of Uma Maheswaram of Achchampet taluk of Mahabubnagar district.
    • Jataprolu - Agneeswarar, 6kms from somasila
    • Jataprolu - Veerabadhreswara swamy
    • Jataprolu - Ramalingeswara swamy
    • Jataprolu - Rajajeswara swamy
    • Jataprolu - Chaturvedaeswara swamy
    • Jataprolu - shambulinga swamy
    • Jataprolu - Visweswara swamy
    • Jataprolu - Bheemaseswara swamy
    • Jataprolu - kaleeswara swamy
    • Jataprolu - Gangadhareswara swamy
    • Jataprolu - Sambasiva swamy
    • Jataprolu - Maleswara swamy
    • Jataprolu - Uma maheswara swamy
    • Jataprolu - Mallikarjuna swamy
    • Jataprolu - Jateswara swamy
    • Kaluvakolanu - Nandi Koteeshwara Aalayam, near Mahbubnagar.
    • kaudur - rAmalingEshvara Swamy Aalayam. near kshlapur.
    • Kudali - Sangameshvara Aalayam; The famous Aalaya is at the confluence of Tungabhadra and Krishna rivers. It was built by Chalukyas and it resembles the renowned Alampur Navabrahmaalayas in architectural style. The walls are adorned with the beautiful carvings of Nataraja, Ardhanareeswara, Andhakasura samharamurti. It lies at 15 km distance of Alampur in the Mahabubnagar district.
    • meenambaram - parusavEdhIshavara Alayam, near shadnagar; It is near Zeherla of the Mahaboobnagar and accessible by bus.
    • pApanAsam - pApanAsheshvara
    • umamahEshvaram - 6km from achampeta

  • Achampet Mandal
    • Rangapoor - Sri Umamaheshwara Swamy Temple.

  • Farooqnagar Mandal
    • Raikal - Sri Ramalingeshwara Swamy Temple

  • Halampur (Alampur) Mandal
    • Halampura (alampur) - sangameshvara (in tungbadra, krishna confluence)
    • Halampura (alampur) - blalabrahmesvara, arka-brahmeshvara, visva-brahmeshvara, padma-brahmeshvara, garuda-brahmeshvara, kumara-brahmeshvara, vira-brahmeshvara, svarga-brahmeshvara and taraka-brahmeshvara, jogulamba - on the bank of tungabhadra river.
    • Halampur (alampur) - pApanAsEshvara; It lies just 20 km of Kurnool, the district head quarters town of the same name.

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