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ANDHRA PRADESH: CHITTOOR District Lord Shiva Temples

ANDHRA PRADESH: CHITTOOR District Lord Shiva Temples

  • Chittoor Dt.
    • 23 miles from chittoor - chandrashekara
    • ErpAdu - 9 miles from kALahasti, URREshvar
    • Gudimallam - Parashurameshvar Aalayam, (2nd century BCE) kailAsakONa; It lies at a distance of 18 km from Tirupati or 6 miles north east of rENiguNDa, near puttur.
    • Kalakada - Palliswara Mudaiya MahAdEvA temple
    • kalavagoNDa - 5 miles from chittoor, mukkaNDIshvar,
    • karshanapalle - arkeshwara, punganur taluk (nolamba)
    • kANippAkkam - maNikaNTeshvara swAmy Alayam; It lies 12 km off Chittoor, and can be reached by bus running from the old bus stand every half an hour.
    • Kuppam - Old Sivaalayam; It lies in the heart of the town and accessible by walk or richshaws, and Kuppam is on the broad gauge line of Southern Railway between Madras and Bangalore.
    • mElpADi - sOmanAth
    • mElpADi - sOmEshvar
    • mogili - 18 miles from chittoor, (120 ACE !), trishUla shankara tIrttam
    • nagari - 8 miles from arakkONam, temple is 5 miles from station, vishvEshvarar, pa~nchaga~Nga falls
    • pukka agraharam - vishwanathar, 5 km from nagari
    • Narayanavanam - on the bank of AraNya river on puttur-nagalapuram road
    • Sompalle - Chennakeswaraswami temple
    • tiruchchAnUr - in bhOgimangalam, tippalAdhIshvaramuDaiyAr, parAcharEshvarar
    • toNDamanADu - near kALahasti
    • talakOnA - 70 miles from madhanapaLLi in the forest on the pApnAsam falls, siddEshvar; It lies near Piler in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh commanding all transport facilities.
    • Temples on the banks of Nagari river
    • Temples on the bank of river Aranya (AraNi)

  • Bangarupalem Mandal
    • Mogili - Sri Mogileeswara Swamy Temple; It lies in the village of Mogili, in the Bangarupalem taluq of Chittoor district.

  • Chittoor Mandal
    • Chittoor - Sri Agastheeswara Swamy Temple

  • Madanapalle Mandal
    • Chipili - Sri Yogabogeswara Swamy Temple
    • kalakaDA - madanapalli taluk, siddEshvar.
    • Madanapalli - Sree Siva Temple.

  • Nagalapuram Mandal
    • Surutupalli - Sri Pallikondeswara Swamy Temple; on the bank of AraNya river.

  • Narayanavanam Mandal
    • Kailasakona - Sri Kailasanadheswara Swamy Temple; It lies 10 Km off Puttur, the taluq head quarters town of the same name of Chittoor and is accessible by bus.

  • Nimmanapalle Mandal
    • Thavalam - Sri Nelamalleswara Swamy Temple

  • Palamaner Mandal
    • Palamaner - Sri Kasi Visveswara Swamy Temple

  • Pitchatur Mandal
    • Ramagiri (kArikarai) - Sri Valeeswara Swamy Temple; on the bank of AraNya river near nagalapuram.

  • Punganur Mandal
    • Punganur - Sri Kasivisweswara Swamy Temple

  • Puttur Mandal
    • Puttur - Sri Sadasiveswara Swamy Temple

  • Srikalahasthi Mandal
    • Srikalahasthi - Srikalahateeswara Swami vari Devasthanam. (self manifest)
    • shrI kALahasti - kaNNappa Ishvara
    • shrI kALahasti - maNI kaNThathIshvara svAmi

  • Thamballapalle Mandal
    • Thamballapalle - Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple

  • Tirupati Rural Mandal
    • Tirupati - KapilEshvar, kapila theerttam; This lone cave Siva temple lying at the foot of Seven Hills near Alipiri - the extreme north end of Tirupathi town has a great spiritual significance. It stands chanting Sivanama perpetually.
    • Tiruppati - Thondavada - Agastheeshvar Aalayam; This sacred shrine lies at the confluence of three rivers Swarnamukhi, Bhima and Kalyani. As the Sivalinga was installed by Agasthya Mahamuni, it is called Agastheeswara linga. This temple faces east. The nearby village was named Tondavada by the kings of Chandragiri. It lies at about 12 km to Tirupati, the world renowned Vaishnava kshetra in Chittoor district.
    • Yogimallavaram - Sri Parasareswara Swamy Temple; It lies on the way to Tiruchanur, the reputed pilgrim centre where Mother Padmavathi is adored. Accessible by bus from Tirupathi.

  • Vadamalapet Mandal
    • Sadasivakona - Sri Sadasiveswara Swamy Temple

  • Yerravaripalem Mandal
    • Nerabaillu - Sri Thalakona Siddeswar Swamy Devasthanam, Thalakona.

  • Ramasamudram mandal
  • mudugureswara temple (someswara swamy temple & bairawesvara temple)

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  1. ramasamudram mandal
    1 mudugureswara temple (someswara swamy temple & bairawesvara temple)


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