AHIMSA - Non violence


He who sees that the Lord of all is ever the same in all that is -- immortal in the field of mortality -- he sees the truth. And when a man sees that the God in himself is the same God in all that is, he hurts not himself by hurting others. Then he goes, indeed, to the highest path.
Bhagavad Geeta 13.27-28
  • Ahimsa is the highest Dharm
  • Ahimsa is the best Tapas
  • Ahimsa is the greatest gift
  • Ahimsa is the highest self-control
  • Ahimsa is the highest sacrifice
  • Ahimsa is the highest power
  • Ahimsa is the highest friend
  • Ahimsa is the highest truth
  • Ahimsa is the highest teaching
  • Mahabharat 18.116.37-41
As the footprints of all moving, living beings are engulfed in those of the elephant, even thus all religions are to be understood by ahimsa which is non-violence to any living being by thought, words or actions.

Anusasana-parva, 114.6, 115.6

"Literally speaking, ahimsa means non-violence. But to me it has much higher, infinitely higher meaning. It means that you may not offend anybody; you may not harbor uncharitable thought, even in connection with those who you consider your enemies. To one who follows this doctrine, there are no enemies. A man who believes in the efficacy of this doctrine finds in the ultimate stage, when he is about to reach the goal, the whole world at his feet. If you express your love - Ahimsa - in such a manner that it impresses itself indelibly upon your so called enemy, he must return that love.
This doctrine tells us that we may guard the honor of those under our charge by delivering our own lives into the hands of the man who would commit the sacrilege. And that requires far greater courage than delivering of blows."

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