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Sincerity is invincible

«Sincerity is Invincible». Bhakti Lalita Devi Dasi. (In English with Russian subtitles). "Sincerity is invincible." Bhakti Lali...

«Sincerity is Invincible». Bhakti Lalita Devi Dasi. (In English with Russian subtitles). "Sincerity is invincible." Bhakti Lalita Devi Dasi. Thailand, Chiang Mai
The main element - is sincerity. The main component of our spiritual life - sincerity. This means that we will be sincere, from our spiritual life, and will remain so for the whole of the spiritual life and in our practice of devotion. This is significant.

Srila Sridhar Maharaj says: "Sincerity is invincible." You'll be invincible, being sincere. You nothing can stop, prevent, or destroy you if you are sincere. Here the most important thing for us - to keep this sincerity, to possess her. We always strive to stay alert and monitor, discipline the mind and senses - how we think, what we want, what we feel. We tried to tend them in the center, to God, to concentrate around Krishna, and not directed to their own selfish ends, or "I". And it requires some self-control, consciousness in our daily practice. Always remember: "What are my intentions? Why am I here? Why did I come from? "Has always recognized the sincerity of the time, when you come from and why did you come in search of the truth, trying to Krishna, because the way you are waiting for verification.


There may be many obstacles and so many temptations as your progress, there are many pitfalls that must be avoided - thank ... Canuck, fireplace, pratistha. Canuck - wealth can come to you. Women and men can come and offer himself. You may be able to enjoy [kamini]. Glory [pratistha] will come to you. Becoming a great devotee, you will find glory. You will have to face these three phenomena on their spiritual journey: Kanak, fireplace, pratistha.

We know that the means of getting rid of it - stay in such a consciousness in which we can always offer our wealth to the Lord. Any man or woman belongs to the Lord, all of them - His servants are for Him, for His pleasure. And all the glory may be offered to the Guru. You could hear a classification that Kanak, wealth, designed to Narayana: Lakshmi - Narayana.

Kamini, women, - for Krsna, and pratistha - for Guru. They are worthy recipients of these three phenomena. But if we try to assign them, are defeated. These three phenomena can be the cause of our failure. We may not have such intentions, when we begin our spiritual life. We come because "it is the truth, it touched my heart, and I want to devote my life." We begin to practice and gain the relationship.

But later on we can face these three phenomena in our spiritual life. Somewhere on the way we are trapped temptation. And that's where you should try to be discreet, be aware of all these things and do not fall victim to them. Our sincerity will help us at this time. Sincerity teach us: "No, I do not want wealth for yourself - it all belongs to the Lord." Use it for the Lord, give unto the LORD. Any man, woman, any kind of pleasure, "No, I'm not an exploiter - tell us sincerity. - I'm not an exploiter, a servant, and all the people - all men and women - are also designed to Krishna, not for my pleasure. "

If pratistha comes, the mood of sincerity we can think of: "Guru has given me everything. We are here because of the Guru. We would not be here if it were not for the grace of our Guru. He - the one who bestows all. He gave us the link, Krishna-us, gave us all the opportunity to practice and preach. We are here only by his grace, and all the glory belongs to the Guru, nothing for me. " This is the mood of sincerity, and it will save us. We need to keep it for the rest of the spiritual life, and then we will be safe.

Translation and transcription performed Priyanana Devi Dasi

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