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Kali - Yantra

The appearance of this  yantra  is described in  "Shakti Pramod" , very popular in Shaktas scripture.
External square ( bhupur , the abode of  the yantra ) looks the same as in other  Yantra : its gate facing east, west, north and south.

Two lines around  bhupura  and its gates - one gold, the other yellow - form two layers, and the blue color of the  bhupura  becomes the third layer. These layers correspond to the three states of matter: solid, liquid and gaseous. Each layer inside and outside  bhupura (monastery) delineated a gold line, which helps to keep the geometrical structure of the circuit.

Between  bhupurom  and a circular pattern is a triangle, a noticeable only in part - because of the circle just look out the base, and the two corners. This triangle represents the Cosmic Mother (Tripurambu) which contains in itself all the phenomenal world, which is represented by a lotus with eight petals. This is partially visible triangle symbolizes the infinity of the Divine Mother, only a small portion of which is shown as Kali.

Lotus with eight petals is vosmeritsu  Prakriti , the manifest:  Akasa , air, fire, water, earth, reason, a higher understanding and self-awareness.
three golden circle inside the lotus symbolize the three aspects of time, which include the  karma  of eight petals of phenomenal existence. These aspects are the past, present and future: the corresponding concentric circles, that is, have a common center.

three nested triangles represent the three  gunas: sattva, rajas, tamas  - three quality or state of energy,  shakti . The triangles are connected to the three-ring time.

At the center is the  Bindu , the point of meditation - the very Divine Mother Kali.
Among the flowers  of this yantra  blue predominates. Meditation on this color creates complementary orange color that gives inspiration, makes a man a sociable and receptive to the ideas of others, and also eliminates the depression and depression.
raspberry with a touch of blue - the color of the central triangle, in which the gold  bindu - is the color of love and faith.


In  "Devi-Bhagavata Purana,"  a history of the incarnation of Kali. One day, two Danava  (demon), and Shumbha Nishumbha, imposed on itself a severe penance to please Brahma the Creator, and for that he got from the "invulnerability from any man." Having this ability, they have become, as they thought, it is invincible and began to conquer the three worlds:  Bhuloka  (ground)  Bhuvarloka  (astral plane) and  Svargaloka (heavenly plan, the abode of the gods and demigods, Indra). They were expelled from  Svargaloka  all the gods and demigods. Knowing that no male energy is not able to tame these demonic forces, gods and demigods, including Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Keeper and Shiva, the destroyer, gathered on the banks of the Ganges River (also referred to as Dzhanhvi) and appealed to the Divine Mother by the  mantra  NAMO devaya .
Upon hearing their prayers. The Divine Mother rejoiced and sent to the aid of the gods of his  shakti . Mother Gauri. Gauri's mother appeared before the gods, and listened to their story about the power of Shumbha and Nishumbhi. Then she took a fierce look of Cali and destroyed the evil force and Shumbha Nishumbhi, and their two generals - Chanda and Munda.
thus. Kali is the Mother Gauri, the wife of Lord Shiva. Shiva in his destructive aspect is called Mahakala, and the Divine Mother Gauri - Kali or Mahakali.

Sanskrit word  kala  means, on the one hand, the "death", and the other - "time." In the phenomenal world is limited by time. In due time  shakti  any creature leaves him, and the creature dies. In other words, death is the end of the lifetime of the life force ( prana ). Matter can not be created nor dies, it just changes form. For this reason, death is an alteration or conversion. Kali is the goddess of the changes that are absolutely necessary to update the energy (life force) and spiritual development.
Attachment to material form (physical body) causes the fear of death. This is the underlying fear, the roots of which lie in the brain stem, a primitive brain, that fear is the main obstacle to spiritual development. Shumbha and Nishumbha are demonic forces of affection that threaten our spiritual helpers, who cast them out of the sublime abode.
end this threat can put the invocation of Kali to the aid of these forces. Thus. Kali free from the fear of death - the underlying anxiety of the first chakra. It is cruel to ignorant people clinging to their physical bodies and eternally scared, but to the gods (spiritual forces), it manifests itself as Gauri, which took the form of Kali, to assist them. In his ferocious aspect it tames the demonic forces false attachments - Shumbha and Nishumbhu, Chanda and Munda.

Tantric  sadhak  should meet face to face with their own Shumbha and Nishumbhoy and overcome the grip of fear of death, calling Kali  (kundalini)  . Love Kali destroys this fear and opens the door to knowledge, comprehension  (Mahavidya)  eternity.
physical body depends on  prana , which penetrates it through the left and right nostril, that is, through the  go and  Pingala  - nostrils were such names because their activity stimulates activity channels  (nadi) ida  and pingala. Ida Nadi  and  Pingala Nadi  begin in the muladhara chakra  (first chakra) together with the sushumna  and end at the left and right nostrils, respectively.  Pranayama  allows you to control the flow  of prana  and open channel  of sushumna. Prana  individual is his breathing, but it's the same pranic force that pervades all space in the forms of time, motion and frequencies. Mastering the  prana , the yogi is released from the shackles of time.  Ida  and Pingala , the flow of the lunar and solar energy, keep the  sadhaka within the time and cause him fear death.  Sushumna  is outside of time. It runs from the brain stem to its crust, the seat of consciousness in which matter is transformed into consciousness. When  prana  is directed through  the sushumna , the forces of evil flows lunar and solar energy (Shumbha and Nishumbha) become fixed and the  Kundalini  is awakened from his deep sleep. It rises on the  brahma nadi  - subtlest channel within  sushumna  - and pierces the six chakras, simultaneously dissolving the five basic elements at their source,  Mahato . These basic elements are the material components of the physical body. Any attachment (the desire) to these elements in the rise of kundalini is a frightening feeling. When the material attachment removed by "cleaning elements"  (Bhuta-shuddhi) *  , Cali (Kundalini, Primal Force) is granted, and the sadhak  feels when raising  the kundalini  pleasant sensations that will take him beyond the  tattvas  and the  gun  to the realm  of ananda  (bliss) and will transfer it to the abode of eternity (beyond the limited time consciousness), where there can be no fear of death.

So Cali is a  Mahavidya , get rid of  avidya  (ignorance), which causes a person to fear death. Kali is the first Mahavidya . Its other name: Adya (first-born), this name is sometimes called  kundalini shakti .

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