General Arghya Water

(General arghya water in Pot)

Establish samanya-arghya (general arghya water) before starting the worship. You will use it for purification by proksana and for offering various upacaras by substitution in the worship of personalities before worshiping the main Deity. Fresh samanya-arghya should be established at least twice a day.

Place empty panca-patra. Fill it with fresh water. After pouring a few drops of water from the acamana-patra onto the fingers of your right hand, purify the panca-patra by proksana:
Chanting om astraya phat, sprinkle water on the panca-patra.
Over the panca-patra show the cakra-mudra, then galini-mudra, then dhenu-mudra (or surabhi-mudra).

Invoke the Ganga and other holy rivers by showing the ankusa-mudra and chanting:

gange ca yamune caiva godavari sarasvatinarmade sindho kaveri jale ’smin sannidhim kuru

May water from the holy rivers Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Sarasvati, Narmada, Sindhu, and Kaveri kindly be present.

Now invoke the bija-syllable om into the water, chanting it eight times silently while holding the bijaksara-mudra over the panca-patra. Then show the matsya-mudra over the panca-patra.

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