The exhibition "Hare Krishna, Moscow

Vedic Odissi dance Performed by : Russian hindus
For five years I have been photo-study of Vedic culture in Moscow, represented by friendly Gaudiya-Vaishnava. This modest exhibition - photo essay of life, for which the search for the Absolute Truth is unthinkable without art, creativity and self-realization.
Om tat sat. Be happy. Hare Krishna, Moscow!restdoord namodes

Features Specials, traditional and modern Vedic culture, happy faces and paint pure self-realization. This is not the east. It is east to west. The whole range of positive and Indian culture and philosophy is next to you, do not need to travel to a distant "undiscovered" India to touch and understand the ancient Vedic tradition of devotional and happiness of its representatives.
Cute Hare Krishna Kids Watching - The exhibition "Hare Krishna, Moscow 
 '' One of The Best Photography '' Radha Verinakova Attending to - The exhibition "Hare Krishna, Moscow 

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