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Shaligram Stone

The Salagrama is a small stone, actually an ammonite, a fossil genus of marine cephalophod, and is considered by l3rahmins to be a natural...

The Salagrama is a small stone, actually an ammonite, a fossil genus of marine cephalophod, and is considered by l3rahmins to be a natural representation of Vishnu. It plays an important role in the worship of a Brahmin, who is considered a living, earthly form of the deity. The salagrama is mentioned in the Atharva Veda where it is written that any Brahmin’s house that does not contain the salagraina is to be considered as impure as a cemetery.

Salagramas are to be found in the Gundak river in Nepal. They are black or dark coloured, round or oval in shape, striated, umbilicated and ornamented with natural tree like markings. The most sought after are the ones that are perforated in one or more places worms. The curves of the striations signify the various norms of Vishnu. A black Salagrama with a replica of the discus in it is capable of bestowing great happiness, health, wealth and children. A half green Salagrama will drive away all sins and one which has the shape of the umbrella on it will make the possessor a monarch. The worship of Salagrama does not call for elaborate prayer ceremonies. Its very presence assures happiness.

The reason for its sacredness is that once Shani called on Vishnu, who had transformed himself into a mountain. This angered Shani who became a worm (Vajrakita) and afflicted him for twelve years. At the expiration of the time Vishnu regained his original shape and ordered that henceforth the stones of this mountain will be worshipped as a representation of himself.

The salagrama is kept in the home, wrapped in a cloth, frequently lathed and perfumed and sometimes having water dripping on it. Though the stone is Vishnu in its visual form, it is also a lingam, the Shiva phallus, and a type of the Cosmic Egg.

How to identify Original and Pure Shaligram :

Now a days, many devotees are cheated on name of shaligram.. People sell ordinary stones with names of Saligram.. We also know we should not buy and sell shaligram. And our religious script prohibit to sell and buy shaligram.. The money which was given to get Shaligram must be dakshina and donation..  We should think it is dakshina because Lord canot be buyed with any money or gold or jwellery.. We should always worship original and pure shaligram... We must get it from trusted person to get original shaligram and so that we are not cheated with fake shaligram..

Original shaligram are always different with ordinary stones because some of the shaligram also have chakra and some beautiful marks on it.. It is said that this chakra and beautiful marks on shaligram is made by God vishwakarma who is god of art and architecture.. Lord vishnu order to god vishwakarma to make chakra and marks on shaligram shila murti.

When we rub pure gold in pure shaligram.. We can see some of the golden colour  or lines in shaligram..  Fake shaligram are made with mud,clay,plastic etc so pure shaligram have more weight similar as powerful stones.. So pure saligram donot break easily and it is very strong..

Character of shaligram
1 - Colours - The color of shaligram are mostly black.. Some of the saligram are blue,green,yellow,brown etc which are very rare in nature..

2 - Sizes and shapes - The shaligram shape and size can be found in small round, flat,oval,medium big ,any natural shape or sizes..

3 - Emblem -  Some shaligram do have emblem of one chakra and many chakra (wheel). Some shaligram donot have single marks and chakra or natural design.. Some shaligram also have some hole and many small holes on it... Saligram is found with any emblem and character which are not always similar..

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