Really Astronauts on the Moon? '' LOOK AT HERE SLOW MOTION ''

Slow Motion Astronauts on the Moon?
I believe I have found the most conclusive evidence to support the that the Apollo missions to the Moon were hoaxed; in fact, I have proved it. I detail this below.

I live in India and recently saw a documentary [It seems these normal speed movies of the astronauts on the moon have been deleted now...] which showed the Apollo footage doubled in speed, giving the appearance of Earthlike gravity. Quite apart from demonstrating that NASA could have filmed on Earth and halved the speed, there is much more here.

Here are a couple of ‘normal speed’ moon walks. This is obviously slow motion:

To increase the speed by a factor of two and achieve the appearance of Earthlike gravity means the gravity on the Moon is one quarter of that on Earth–but it is not; it is one sixth. Thus, to achieve Earth-like gravity would require increasing the speed of the footage by the square root of 6: aprox 2.45.

In order to prove that the videos were not shot on the Moon, you need to observe the footage from Apollo XV, where David Scott demonstrates the Galilean principle by dropping a hammer and an feather to the ground in a vacuum, i.e., on the Moon. The hammer is in free-fall for at most 1.1 seconds. The distance it would therefore travel is:
0.5 x gravity x time x time =
0.5 x (9.8/6) x 1.1 x 1.1 = 0.99
Thus the hammer could not have fallen a distance of more than 99 cm, or 0.99 m.

I have not been able to find David Scott’s height; however, looking at photographs, he is clearly taller than Armstrong, who is 5’11″, by several inches. David Scott is also wearing “Moon Boots”. The hammer is dropped by David Scott from shoulder height, easily 150 cm, or 1.5 m. This is not possible. David Scott cannot have been standing on the Moon when he dropped that hammer.

However, if we assume that NASA did indeed film the action on Earth, then halved the film speed, the distance the hammer would travel is:
0.5 x 9.8 x 0.55 x 0.55 = 1.48 m = 148 cm.

I rest my case.

My calculations have been verified by several of my friends who are maths geeks like myself, and I hope you will also verify them. I look forward to hearing from you.

Mr Freedom (from NEXUS Magazine Oct-Nov 2002)

Another View on Slow Motion Astronauts

The biggest smoking gun, in my opinion, the one that pervades nearly all the Apollo motion picture footage showing “astronauts” moving about on “the moon” is something so visible and so obvious that it has literally been hiding in plain sight. It is the slow motion character of all the movement which exists in nearly all the Apollo footage. We accepted it as real due mainly to Hollywood’s depictions of men on the moon, especially in Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey which was released the year before Apollo 11. The Apollo “astronauts” appear to move as if underwater, walking along the sea floor. All in slow motion. Even when they jump upwards it’s all shown in slow motion. But, there is no scientific basis for this. There is no reason that someone walking or moving on a low gravity planet or moon would be moving in slow motion like this. At least not while jumping upwards. What would slow them down? They are supposedly moving in a low gravity, no atmosphere environment. What is there to slow them down?

We’ve been conditioned to believe the slow motion image of men in space by 2 major factors: Hollywood movies and footage of astronauts and others in zero gravity environments such as real astronauts in orbit and others in zero gravity simulators which are inside airplanes that dive at just the right speed to match gravity. We’ve seen astronauts floating and moving slowly while suspended in zero gravity. But this is slowness is deliberate. Making sudden movements while floating in zero gravity can have grave consequences so such personnel are trained to move very slowly and deliberately. They could, if they wished, move very quickly, even more quickly than in normal gravity if they wished. There is nothing stopping them from doing so. But, the moon is not zero gravity anyway. It is, we are told, low gravity — about 1/6 that of Earth.

But, if this is so obviously an error in the Apollo footage why didn’t NASA catch it? Surely the NASA scientists would know that showing the astronauts moving in slow motion on the moon would be unrealistic. How could they miss such an obvious error?

I believe the answer is that they didn’t miss it — they simply had no other choice. Motion picture technology of the time simply could not realistically depict men walking in low gravity in the way that it would really appear. The problem is that free falling objects in low gravity would move more slowly than on earth but other motions would move at normal or perhaps even faster-than-normal speed. This must have presented a technological nightmare for a 1960s film maker. There was no way to depict such a thing with live action “astronauts” moving around on a dusty set, handling objects, etc. It was simply impossible to do at the time.

So, the probable solution was to create and release a major motion picture just prior to Apollo 11 showing men in space and on the moon, all moving in slow motion and tell the public that this is the most technologically accurate movie ever made about space travel. They would even include a short scene showing men walking on the moon, also in slow motion of course. This pre-conditioned the public to expect that men on the moon would walk in slow motion. NASA, would act as consultant on the movie which would receive much pre-release hype informing the public that this movie accurately depicted men and women in space. That movie, of course, was 2001: A Space Odyssey. For good measure they also included long boring scenes of moon ship stewardesses moving ever so slowly around the craft and other tedious scenes all in slow-slow motion. And, since no one noticed the slow motion error in the men on the moon scene when the movie was released they knew they had a green light to shoot all the Apollo sequences in slow motion. They knew the public would buy it and this “solved” their production nightmare of depicting men moving about on the moon in a way that would be believed by the public. After all, who here on Earth has been in a low gravity environment and would know that the slow motion depiction was not accurate?

Oddly enough, a number of post-Apollo Hollywood movies depicting men moving about on Mars show them moving more-or-less normally (except when falling).

But, NASA tells us that Mars is a low gravity environment too. They tell us it is only about 1/3 the gravity of Earth (they say the moon is 1/6). So, the appearance of men walking about on the moon should be very similar to such motions on the moon. Yet for some reason the public accepts slow-motion “astronauts on the moon” but not slow motion Hollywood actors on “Mars.” Go figure.

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