What is Tantra Yoga ?

Tantra yoga is a holistic approach to the study of the universe from the perspective of the individual and it is one of several types of yoga. It is designed to promote rapid growth in the direction of information as a living system.

Tantric Yoga includes many sciences such as astronomy, astrology, numerology, physiognomy, physics, chemistry, alchemy, Ayurveda, psychology, mathematics, geometry and more. More practical to provide a mechanism to achieve the highest ideals of philosophy in everyday life is the primary purpose of Tantra yoga.

Basic yoga Tantra
Tantra literally means expansion, and it is a form of yoga that focuses on expanding the level of individual consciousness in order to identify and realize the full reality of their supreme being. Tantra yoga is often regarded as a true path in life and are not overly concerned with sexuality, but rather the creative power and transform the energy in the upper channels yoga for beginners.

You sit in a calm and purify the mind and heart all the thoughts and feelings as rebel bases Tantra yoga and then gradually to feel the life force that is within your being. It is then that you should direct this love and devotion of all to a dynamic body of light that represents the soul. You should hear a surprising renewal and acceleration of spiritual awakening through the practice of this form of yoga.

An important part of Tantra Yoga is to overcome bad habits, including things such as smoking, excessive drinking and overeating. As a way to help you give up that kind of self-destructive habits, Tantra help to expand your consciousness and I believe that all these habits have one thing in common, even if they are different. One way or another they all cause damage to your body.

Recently the United States, tantra yoga has become popular. The main theory is that there is a large vein that goes from the bottom of the spine where the Kundalini serpent power rests. This is considered the main source of energy throughout the universe in the Tantra, and it is real and important and ritualized sex and that such an orgasm is considered a cosmic and divine experience extraordinary Using Yoga useful for weight loss.


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