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Monday, February 12, 2018

Vedic Agriculture Technology

Vedic Agriculture Technology

The agricultural practices talked about in Rigveda, Krishiprasara, Manusmriti, Agni Purana and Vriksha Ayurveda are also known as the Vedic Agriculture, which is the time tested and time honoured. These Agriculture modes have been devised to pursue the exclusive belief of “harmony” with nature. Having harmony with nature entails its creatures to comprise reverence and gratefulness for living and non-living objects, and maintain synchronization with natural forces or five elements viz., earth, water, air, fire and sky. Along with taking full care of recycling of matter, this natural harmony has been devised to put emphasis on saha-astitva, co-existence and co-relation with living and non-living entities, and never follow the line of dominance or exploitation.

It is a universally- known fact that a symbiotic rapport presents amid matter and energy in plants and animals, as matter nurtures and energy protects. As a consequence, the equilibrium is preserved to the highest level among the nature and its constituents. Some more information regarding the topic could easily be read in the Indian Vedic texts.

Vedic farming is a crop production system which stays away from the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, chemical growth regulators etc. The Vedic farming production system has been the product of the Indian Vedic aspects and literatures, which clearly depicts the use of natural ingredients on farm organic inputs and also natural/ biological/ mechanical pest control and plant protection measures with minimal use of permissible natural minerals. Thus, the Vedic farming results in Healthy Soils, Healthy Food, Healthy Environment and Healthy Human being & Livestock.

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