Rohingya Infiltrators and Growth of Muslim Population are danger signs in India, says VHP.

In the pretext of Central Govt’s decision to deport the Rohingya infiltrators, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s national general secretary Dr Surendra Jain supported the same expressing his anguish over the infiltration taking place through the porous border in North East and Eastern borders.

Describing the growth in Muslim population as  threat and danger sign to the existence and identity of India, the VHP on Tuesday appealed to the government to work towards curbing these “terror threat” and “demographic imbalance”.

The organization claimed Muslims were carrying out a demographic aggression by producing more children which, it said, was evident from the available census data on religion.

Describing the Islamic State’s link with ARSA (Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army), Dr Jain conveyed to Upananda Brahmachari, the Editor of Hindu Existence that the Rohingya infiltrators in India would be posed as bigger terror threat in India. Dr Jain also expressed that the Union Home Ministry should deploy special intelligence teams in every Rohingya camps  to get the updates of their activities until they could be removed from Indian soil.

“A large group of Muslims sees it as its mission to enhance its numbers. They are also supporting the Rohingya Muslims in India. They are talking about refugee status and Human rights. Rohingyas must be settled into Arabic or Islamic countries, not in India. In the name of Darul Islam, some hardliners of the Muslim community are provoking Muslims to make India a Muslim nation,” said  Dr Surendra Jain.

He said apart from Kashmir, three districts of Bihar and West Bengal and nine of Assam were giving what he described as a ‘red signal’ for Hindu existence. Rohingyas are the added problem now.

Speaking on behalf of VHP, Dr Jain said the rise in Muslim population was primarily because of three reasons – religious conversion, infiltration and demographic aggression in the form of denying family planning.

“From 84 per cent in 1951, the Hindu population has dropped to 79 per cent. This is the first time that the Hindu population has gone down below the psychological mark of 80 per cent,” said Dr Jain. He claimed the figure of 80 per cent was significant for Hindus as it showed India’s predominantly Hindu character and it should be maintained in India as the natural State for the Hindus.

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Dr Jain and Brahmachari both said the Muslim population was not growing through natural means. They said Muslims needed to change themselves internally in national interest as a part and parcel of Bharat without  prejudice for making any new Pakistan.

“All civilized communities throughout the world recognize family planning, but not the majority Indian Muslims. Muslims should be followers of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam but not the fanatic mentality of Babur or Mohammed Ghori,” said Brahmachari.

Dr Jain said it was the moral and constitutional duty of the government to deport all Rohingya Muslims and Muslim infiltrators from Myanmar and Bangladesh.

“VHP appeals to all state and central governments to form and adhere to common population policy applicable to all communities,” said Dr Jain.

Brahmachari  demanded to stop the propagation of Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) through internet and social media in India.

Both Dr Jain and Brahmachari condemned the attack on Hindus in Rakhine state Myanmar by the Rohingya Muslims.

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