Meat-eating FOUND !!! mental illness According to RIA Novosti, the majority of meat eaters around the world have come as a shock to the fact that experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) recognized them as mentally deranged.

Representatives of the Movement for ease of nutrition and natural way of life, were on the list of patients, which, according to international experts, should be treated first. Meat-eaters have long been attacked by people who find it difficult to believe in something that can be very successful and painless exist eating meat. 

Many of the "Swarm" as they were derogatorily called lovers of fruits and vegetables have to even try to hide their eating habits to avoid attacks and ridicule from not so liberal associates. 

The latter usually argue that survive without animal products can be that man is by nature herbivore and thousands of cows and pigs slaughtered for meat every day, it is unjustified murder, for which then have to suffer .. In response, proponents of "traditional diet" released hundreds of books and films, which explains that it is impossible to get all the necessary vitamins vegetables and fruits that people without meat can not live a full life and our ancestors in the end always ate meat. Whatever it was, today myasoedskomu world community was dealt a new blow. And it is not narrow-minded conservative and authoritative experts from the World Health Organisation. 

They recently held a seminar at which unveiled an expanded list of diseases that must be addressed by a psychiatrist. "Painful rating" added meat-eating and myasosyroedeniem who find themselves in the company of other diseases that fall under the definition of "disorder habits and inclinations." That's what the doctor said, Academician Nikolai Semashko: "With meat linked different most unpleasant disease: cat fluke, liver flukes , other animals such as echinococcus to be a parasite in the human body. This includes the infamous swine flu and mad cow disease. 

I see a poster: 
"Do not eat meat and you vnesesh a contribution to the fight against the epidemic of helminthiasis in Russia!" Supporters meat diet declared insane for a reason. The reason for this was the recent incident in the Spanish city of Malaga, where one of the local families brought their children to a state of coma, forcing them to eat one meat subjected to heat treatment - boiling, frying, smoking, and others. Toddlers rescued neighbors , time to call the doctor and the police. careless adults carnivores sent to a psychiatric hospital, separate them from their children. Posted WHO document provoked a storm of protest among meat eaters around the world. 

They wrote to the organization of a lot of letters, which claimed that the well-prepared meat diet is not bad, just do not need to forcibly impose its point of view to others, causing, for example, children eat meat, if it is not necessary for their health or angry to fellow vegetarians, eating fruit. Meat-eaters insist that the mentally ill have been recognized namely aggressive "meat-eaters-despots" and not all meat lovers polls. Meanwhile, the US portal Seattle Pi has published a list of famous meat-eaters. Among those who have decided once and for all to give up eating meat, was former US President Ronald Reagan, actor Danny Trejo, musicians Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper and many others.

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